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Following #ICNY: Straight Talk from Barbara Corcoran, Zillow, and more

January 29 2015

icny2015 d1Wild blizzards couldn't keep the attendees away from this year's Inman Connect in New York CityInman Connect in New York City. The conference kicked off its official first day with the likes of Barbara Corcoran, Spencer Rascoff, and more gracing the stage.

We kept up with all the action by following conference goers via the Twitter hashtag #ICNY. Below is a sampling of our favorite tweets from day one.

Jacy RiedmannJacy Riedmann - @alexisohanian "In the industrial revolution, you had to open a factory to start a business, now, you need to open a laptop." #icny

Andrew StrickmanAndrew Strickman - Great start to #ICNY with @alexisohanian on thinking like a startup: "Make something people want. The back button is your enemy."

PointDrivePointDrive - "Love your early customers." - @alexisohanian #ICNY @InmanConnect

Kevin HawkinsKevin Hawkins - Alexis @reddit - The Web is simply the world's biggest water cooler #ICNY

Chris NicholsChris Nichols - "Invest in and leverage proprietary data". What's your "ONLY" statement? Your competitive advantage? - Joanna Lord #ICNY

Angela RaabAngela Raab - Ecosystem means participate in the industry but also participate where your consumers are. @JoannaLord #icny

icny2015 corcoran

Chris NicholsChris Nichols - "Customers are all smarter than we think they are. Being who you are breeds trust." - @BarbaraCorcoran #ICNY

Audie ChamberlainAudie Chamberlain - “The difference between success and 'just getting by' is how long you take feeling sorry for yourself” says @BarbaraCorcoran #ICNY®® pro - #ICNY "Technology has done the heavy lifting, but now the individual is more important than ever" - @BarbaraCorcoran

Audie ChamberlainAudie Chamberlain - "You need an 'expander' and a 'container' to grow your personal business" great advice from @BarbaraCorcoran #ICNY

Angela RaabAngela Raab - @ also says that fancy talk is often used to mask a lack of grit and ability to overcome failure. #icny

Brian CopelandBrian Copeland - #ICNY “When you resolve to make your life about the “who” more than the “what,” your potential goes through the roof.

Clue 2 CoachingClue 2 Coaching - "Hire people who have the desire to replace you"-Ben Kinney #ICNY @benkinney

Maya PavezaMaya Paveza - Bigger brokerage isn't better, Better agents is better. Invest in training, in teaching the agents the value of authenticity. you win. #ICNY

Andrew StrickmanAndrew Strickman - "If the person you go home to doesn't believe in your great idea, that idea won't go very far." Agreed. Fully. @nicksegal #ICNY

Alistair HelmAlistair Helm - Just adding News Corp to a website does not instantly imbue it with magic dust - it's just a property portal with a new owner #ICNY

HomeZadaHomeZada - "The best trait of top salespeople is their ability to bounce back from failure" @BarbaraCorcoran #ICNY #RealEstate

SmartZipSmartZip - Our CEO Avi Gupta on big data vs. small data: The job of big data is to boil down massive info sets to actionable pieces. #ICNY #techtrack®® pro - #ICNY "#Bigdata is there to help you work smarter but you still need to the work" @myronlo

Sean CarpenterSean Carpenter - If agents don't understand WHY they are in the real estate business, the WHAT & HOW don't matter as much. @AndresKorda #icny

Agent ReputationAgent Reputation - Consumers are not reading your #realtor testimonials, they are #Googling you for your footprint and online reputation. #googlereviews #ICNY

Rosemary BuergerRosemary Buerger - Photo slide shows are NOT videos! Get serious about video. It's not going away. #TBREG @RajQsar #ICNY

Rosemary BuergerRosemary Buerger - Staging is a great way to tell the story of the modest home @RajQsar #BHGRE #ICNY

Angela RaabAngela Raab - A+ clients should get touched 4 times per month. #icny

Sam DeBordSam DeBord - Consumers view a dozen different sites in their home search on average. They look at more than portals. #IDX #ICNY

Angela RaabAngela Raab - Powerful words for phone calls: "I was doing ______ and it made me think of you." #icny

Megan O'NeillMegan O'Neill - Think only unhappy customers leave reviews? “On Yelp about 80% of the reviews that are written are 3 stars or higher.” [email protected] #ICNY