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First Look: HomeZada is the Antidote to Stale Closing Gifts

May 13 2015

Agents looking for a new way to engage homeowners before, during, and after the sale need look no further than HomeZada. The "digital home management" platform lets agents upload important property documents and other information and then gift that trove of data to their clients upon the close of a transaction.

The client then has free access to this information for a year, along with a home maintenance calendar and other features that are particularly helpful for first-time homeowners. Indeed, any agent wanting to connect with tech-savvy Millennials will find this a more effective closing gift than, say, a bottle of wine or a gift certificate.

For listing agents, HomeZada serves as a marketing tool for offering exhaustive information about a property. The property profiles are so complete that agents may even want to consider replacing their single property websites with this service.

As you may have guessed, HomeZada offers different features for buyer's agents and listing agents. Let's take a closer look at what each "flavor" of HomeZada offers.

HomeZada for Buyer's Agents

Sometimes called the "CARFAX of real estate," HomeZada offers a suite of features that allow the homeowner to manage and think about their home as a financial asset. Tools like record retention, asset inventory, and remodeling project management give owners a comprehensive overview of their property that's useful for insurance, estate planning, and even listing the home when the time comes to sell.

HomeZada is easy for agents to set-up. Simply create a profile for the property and upload any documents, photos, or other information that may be useful to the homeowner.

pr homezada 06

Agents can even list room-by-room features of the home. HomeZada speeds up this process with a built-in "smart inventory" tool that can pre-populate rooms with common features.

pr homezada home inventory

For an even deeper level of detail, agents can even take pictures of each feature and upload those photos to the corresponding room.

Once agents have added all the information and photos they deem necessary, they can gift all of that data to their client by simply transferring ownership to their client's email address. The homeowner can then access and build upon their home's profile via a user-friendly dashboard that's branded with their agent's information.

pr homezada 11

Upon transfer, the consumer will also receive twice-monthly emails about important home maintenance tasks they should complete. These campaigns are branded to you, the agent, and act as another tool for staying top-of-mind with your clients.

One of our favorite features of HomeZada is the project management tool for home remodels. This feature 40 templates for home improvement projects, as well as:

  • A shopping list
  • Ability to add before and after photos
  • An app for bookmarking project supplies on ecommerce sites
  • The ability to save shopping research for budgeting purposes

 pr homezada project summary

This is a great way to track and quantify the value a remodeling project adds to a home, making it particularly useful for pricing the home when it comes time to sell again.

HomeZada for Listing Agents

As we mentioned earlier, HomeZada is a great way to engage the customer throughout the homeownership lifecycle. All of the data collected and built upon in HomeZada following the initial sale of a home can be leveraged when the property is again listed for sale.

HomeZada's consumer facing portal allows listing agents to build a comprehensive profile of a home, complete with unlimited photos, documents, room-by-room descriptions with no text limit, the ability to embed YouTube videos, and remodel and maintenance details.

pr homezada 21

HomeZada property profiles are vastly more detailed than those available on search portals. Like we said, because they're so comprehensive, listing profiles on HomeZada are much more similar to a single property website than to the property details page on any of the major search portals. One big difference? On HomeZada, the listing agent is always shown on the profile--and only the listing agent. There's no branding from competing agents and leads are always free.

pr homezada room by room

Like a single property website, HomeZada also offers marketing features, including an automatically generated listing flyer. These are PDFs, meaning they're easy to share online or print out. Each flyer offers a shortened URL and QR code that consumers can scan to learn more about the property on HomeZada.

pr homezada 23

So if your closing gifts are a little stale or you're looking for an alternative to restrictive search portal property pages, take a look at HomeZada. New users looking to simply try out the service will receive one free property when they sign up.

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