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Track My File

March 19 2010

site logoTrack My File is currently marketed directly to real estate companies and they emphasize that what you get with Track My File is more than the product. They stress the importance of learning how to integrate transaction management processes into the business culture and their ability to help companies do this.

The Document Management and Transaction Manager Product are combined. They pride themselves on offering a user-friendly system that all agents can use. Track My File is easy to navigate though the interface appears a bit dated.

The Track My File team schedules a one-time consultation with new clients to get to know them, the processes they currently have in place and the way they work. Then they create custom software tailored to both the currently office requirements and workflow.

This tailored, consultative approach sets Track My File apart from the competition in this regard where most vendors expect the client to adapt to their system.

Currently their product is an all-in-one, but they are working on separating out the document management system. TMS is strongest in the west and southwest and do not have many accounts in the east. They talked about Relay the most in terms of their direct competition citing the fact that Relay tries to win on price and fixed fee accounts.

They have electronic fax in and are working on the fax out. Didn’t want to do it because it is not “green” but decided they had to because many still use it. Fax will be an optional service with DM and TM.

The Document Management and Transaction Manager Product are combined, though there are plans to make these product modular in the future. The interface on the Track My File product looks a bit dated, in terms of the “design feel,” but functionally it holds its own against any of the transaction management products. This system has not been designed only for use by transaction coordinators and specialists. They pride themselves on offering a user-friendly system that all agents can use. They break the transaction process down into 6 steps to make training on the system more easy.

The sets are as follows:

1. Start a transaction
2. Add participants
3. Add the tracking list and action plans
4. Upload and manage documents
5. Communications—email, notes, etc.
6. Close, cancel and archive

When you first log into their system and create a new transaction, they have a short wizard that asks you how you want to manage your notification preferences. You can bypass this if you want and come back to it later.

The choices for notifications ask basically what email you want to receive notifications on and include:

• Notes added to communication log
• Event list item completed
• Checklist item completed
• Documents added
• File status changed

Setting up a transaction was fairly easy but some things seemed a bit light. For example, when creating templates for lists you could only create activities based on days before, on, or after the Acceptance Date or the Close of Escrow. You could not create an activity based on another “to do” item or other calendar item. Being able to schedule events based on days after “relative” dates, such as the completion of another task, would be a nice improvement to the Track My File product.

One of the key strengths of Track My File is their “consultative” approach where they adapt their system to how you currently do business today, rather than trying to change all of your business processes to match their product features. This is an approach that would likely be very attractive to many companies considering transaction management.


If a real estate company is planning to offer transaction management services throughout their company and allow agents to use the system directly Track My File may be a good fit particularly when you consider the fact that they will customize their product to current office procedures and policies. If training and integration services are a high priority for a company, Track My File is also strong in these areas.