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Online publishing using Scribd

June 07 2011

Many real estate agents to not have a website, or do not have a website that allows them to easily publish documents and market reports that are useful to consumers. Short of getting a new website, there are free tools that you can use.

My favorite tool for publishing documents to the Internet is a service called scribd. You can use scribd for free by creating an account at, or signing in with your Facebook account. Scribd is a social network for documents.

Scribd is a pretty cool website in a lot of respects. They call themselves the world’s largest social reading and publishing company, which is likely true. They claim 70 Million readers every month, and more than one billion pages of documents are stored there. Not only is it a popular place, but it is used by CBS News, Tribune companies, Forbes, Ford Motor, Facebook, The New York Times and bunches of other companies to post and research information. It is a good place.

Loading documents is easy – just click the big upload button. The system will automatically grab the front page of your document and make that the thumbnail image. Give it a title and you are done.

Howard County Real Estate Market

Once you have loaded your document, be sure and socialize it. You can press the Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin icon to post the document to your social media sites so your friends and fans can appreciate what you are sharing.

Share and EmbedHere is a tip. Be sure to either sign in with Facebook or fill out your profile. I found tmcintyre by accident, and I did “follow” tmcintyre because I am interested in the real estate stats that this account publishes. But tmmcintyre did not fill out the profile – so when I try to learn more about this person (or interview for this article), this is what I get.

What I Get

As you can see, 14,490 people have viewed this persons’ marketsnap shot uploads, but they have no clue who this mystery person is. We do know that tmcintyre publishes great market reports easily with scribd.