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How Branding Builds Trust and Familiarity for REALTORS®

June 08 2011

Every type of business needs to pay close attention to branding, real estate included. Most potential clients don’t know anything about your business until you establish and build relationships with them. Their first impressions and perspectives of the company will come straight from whatever branding they’repersonal branding through social media exposed to.

Even after clients know you, branding continues to affect how they view the company. It serves as a reminder that the company is successful and always ready to help them connect with the property of their dreams.


Some REALTORS®REALTORS® pay less attention to branding because so much gets accomplished at the level of individual relationships. However, high competition in a tough marketplace has made it far too risky to continue doing business without allocating some resources for careful and effective branding.

Clients need to be reminded of your capability as a REALTOR® with branding materials that are memorable and present a powerful, appealing image. Doing otherwise simply invites the competition to convince your clients to work with them. You can’t afford this possibility so always make branding an essential part of your marketing strategy.


A few tools and methodologies to boost your brand are:

Online videos- Make no doubt about it, the immense popularity of this medium has made it an essential aspect of modern-day marketing. People like Internet videos because they’re easy and fun to watch. More entertaining than static images, videos can be used for branding by including logos at the beginning, end or even in the corner of the video as it plays.

Branded emails- Always showcase the company when communicating via email by garnishing every message with a signature that includes the company motto and logo.

Branded documents and mailings- Likewise, make sure that branding materials are included with every single document and mailing that gets sent out to potential customers.

Business cards- Don’t limit your business cards to mere contact information. Make sure that they also include a company motto and logo. Adding this professional touch never fails to impress both your established clients and people whom you are meeting for the first time.

Branding sometimes gets overlooked by REALTORS® as an important aspect of marketing. While real estate largely depends on personal interaction, careful attention should always be given to presenting the company brand.