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How the iPhone 7 Can Improve DIY Real Estate Video and Photography

September 25 2016

lwolf iphone7 video photo

Apple released the first iPhone eight years ago. Now it's 2016 and we're up to iPhone 7. Much has changed since the first version of the phone, but not much has changed since the previous.

Basically, the new iPhone is shinier, available in black, and will no longer support your primitive headphone wires. These updates don't really impact real estate—outside of the fact that you'll look cooler without your headphone wires all tangled up.

The camera updates, on the other hand, have the potential to significantly improve DIY real estate videos and photographyDIY real estate videos and photography.

Let's take a look.

iPhone 7

The standard iPhone 7 camera has been enhanced with several features typically seen in DSLRs. Optical image stabilization allows for more stable control of your camera. This stabilization should account for your jitters and enable your photos and videos to stay in focus in spite of these shakes.

The phone also features a larger f/1.8 aperture. This feature will bring more light into your images and you'll be able to take pictures and videos that have a shallower depth of field. Check out this link here for a quick overview on depth of field. Basically, a bigger aperture and shallow depth of field means you're more able to focus on items in the foreground and blur out items in the background. It's a more cinematic look that could help you isolate and emphasize certain details in your listings.

iPhone 7 Plus

In addition to the features listed above, the iPhone 7 Plus also features a dual camera system with a wide-angle and telephoto lens. This is designed to improve the zoom capabilities from 2X optical zoom to 10X. These numbers represent a twofold improvementtwofold improvement over the zoom of the standard iPhone. These cameras offer you more flexibility when taking your images and can help you get shots of things you might not be able to get physically close to.

The dual camera system also provides the user with shallower depth of field, as the phone's internal software uses the two cameras to create a 'depth map' to simulate the cinematic blur. This is a nice feature that can boost the quality of your images without forcing you to pay for a DSLR and multiple lenses.

Bottom Line

The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have features that can significantly improve the quality your real estate video and/or photography. The phone's camera can't fully replace the quality of a good DSLR, but it does offer excellent flexibility for people who are mobile every day and like to use their mobile for everything. In other words, the iPhone 7 is perfect for DIY real estate agents.

Keep coming back to the blog and I'll update you on anything video-related!

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