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Are Your Relocation Resources Lacking the WOW Factor? Create a Personalized Map!

October 09 2016

hdc Relocation map

If you've never relocated, understanding how difficult it is to rebuild your life in a new city can be tough. The friends you played disc golf with on Saturdays are gone, the park you barbecued at on long weekends isn't an option anymore, and even basic errands require a map. However, there are things you can do to make it a bit easier for your relocation buyers to turn a strange, new city into home.

Google's My Maps makes it easy to create and share personalized maps highlighting your area's best attractions and restaurants. You can even attach notes, pictures, and videos to locations to explain why the places you've marked are local favorites. Share copies of the map personalized with your relocation buyer's workplace, homes they're considering, schools their kids would be zoned for, etc.

About the Neighborhood

My Maps lets you add layers to your map to differentiate between location types. Create a map layer that identifies popular neighborhoods and subdivisions in your area. Use the "Draw a Line" tool to block off individual subdivisions, then add a paragraph describing each area. At the end of your description, include links to active properties in the subdivision and to your website's area page.

Local Activities

Does your area have Food-truck Thursdays, pre-game parties, farmers' markets, or annual festivals? There are a lot of things happening in your city that newcomers might have a hard time finding out about. For example, in my town, every Saturday from March to November for the last 20 years there has been an outdoor marketplace in the chain of parks downtown. Everyone knows about it, so there's not really any advertising; we just know it's there. Give your buyer a head-start by adding a layer to your map marked with the location of events in your city. Once you've done that, insert a description with the date/time/season in which the activity is available so that your buyers can slide into the city's culture and feel right at home.

Where to Eat

It can take years to discover the best pizza place or nacho bar in the city. Sometimes it's a food truck in a parking lot or a tiny restaurant practically hidden in the back of a shopping plaza. Help your relocation buyers find the best spots to dine with a restaurant layer!

Where to Stay

Your buyers may need to move into town before their home is ready for them. Have a map layer marked with nearby extended-stay hotels and short-term rental options. You should also see if you can partner with the businesses to offer your clients a discount.

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