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How Real Estate Agents Can Use Waze to Keep Their Clients (and Family) Happy

February 21 2017

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Aside from Uber drivers and bus drivers, real estate agents may put in more road time than any other profession. And while you're always focused on getting from one place to the next in record time, you may not be handling your drive time as efficiently as possible. Today, we'll talk about the best mobile apps for real estate agents on the go.

Why Waze?

We'll start with Waze, which uses real-life traffic reports to ensure that you get to your destination just a bit faster. Waze is especially helpful in urban areas, or in neighborhoods where there are plenty of alternate routes available.

Note: Because Waze helps you to avoid trouble spots, you can also end up taking a more circuitous route. If you are in an area you're not familiar with, or get stressed out when you have to make several turns in a row, Waze's benefits may not outweigh the disadvantages.

Waze's secret weapon for real estate agents

By using Waze's directions, you're likely to get to a destination faster than you would on Google Maps or Apple Maps. But the app also has another feature that we're absolutely in love with. The Send ETA feature allows you to send your exact arrival time to your client, friends or family any time you are about to begin (or have already embarked on) a car trip.

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Why Send ETA will change your life

We aren't going to point any fingers, but we know a lot of agents tend to run late, especially when they've been bogged down in meetings. By using Send ETA, you can show your clients or family that you're really on your way so they can appropriately plan for your arrival. It's a win-win.

Whether you're telling a buyer you'll be two minutes late for a showing or promising your husband that you really are going to be on time tonight, we recommend using Waze and the Send ETA feature to reinforce your reputation as an excellent, honest communicator.

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Download Waze

It's available for iOS and Android devices.

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