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5 Ways to Unlock the Power of a Lockbox with Mobile

May 08 2017

iphone email 1The lockbox has evolved well beyond its beginnings as a simple, secure storage place for keys. Thanks to today's mobile technology, lockboxes have become the Swiss army knife of real estate tools.

No doubt you've used your phone's Bluetooth® capability to release the shackle of your lockbox or open the key compartment. But did you know there's plenty more features your phone or tablet can help you unlock?

Here are five ways your favorite mobile device can help you unlock the full power of the lockbox—and even help you sell more listings.

1. Pull up listing information instantly

Want to start impressing buyers from the moment you walk into a home for a showing? REALTORS® who use SentriLock lockboxes can when they use the SentriSmart™ mobile app. Thanks to integrations with RPR, HomesnapPRO and HomeSpotter, agents can instantly view listing details when they unlock a property's lockbox.

Here's how it works: after accessing the lockbox with the SentriSmart™ mobile app, SentriSmart™ asks if you want to view the property's information in one of SentriLock's partner apps. Select your preferred app and SentriSmart™ will automatically direct you to the property details page of the home you're showing. That way, you'll instantly have all the information you need on hand to answer your buyer's questions.

sentrilock Data Integration Partner Screenshots 01

2. Get notified of missing keys

No one benefits when a key goes missing from a lockbox—showings are delayed or cancelled, and the listing agent may not learn of the problem for a while.

Well, REALTORS® can help REALTORS® by using SentriLock's mobile app to notify the listing agent that there was no key in their lockbox. SentriSmart's™ 'Key Missing' feature lets the showing agent notify the seller's agent that the key is absent with just one click. That way, the key can be replaced immediately and showings can carry on.

3. Monitor your showings

Want to know when another agent has entered your listing for a showing? Set up showing notifications to get a text or email when your property's lockbox is opened. You'll receive a real-time alert containing the agent's name, company, and their contact info.

If you use a showing system that integrates with your lockbox system, you can even send automatic feedback requests to agents who opened your lockbox for showings. An integration between SentriSmart™ and Showing Suite, for example, offers this capability.

4. Stay safe

A lot can happen when you use a mobile app to open a lockbox for a showing. As we mentioned earlier, you can instantly pull up property details to help answer questions during a showing. But did you know that your app can also help you stay safe in dangerous situations?

Last fall, SentriLock introduced an Agent Safety feature that alerts your emergency contacts when you're in danger. It works by setting a timer that starts upon opening a lockbox with the SentriSmart™ mobile app. After 90 seconds, the app asks you to confirm your safety status. You can confirm your safety and reset the timer or turn off the prompt, or send an alert to your emergency contacts with your location and other pertinent information. If you don't respond to the prompt within 120 seconds, the app automatically assumes something is wrong and sends an alert.

sentrilock unlock power safety

5. Stay on top of showing communications

SentriSmart™ debuted an in-app Message Center recently that helps agents keep track of communications like showing notifications and showing feedback requests. Rather than needing to switch to another app or a website, REALTORS® can manage showing notifications and messages right from SentriLock's app. The convenience helps agents respond more quickly and facilitate a steady stream of showings.

Your turn: How many of these mobile features do you use? What other ways do you use SentriLock's mobile app? Tell us in the comments below!