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Have You Ever Considered Podcasting? Tips from an Agent Who's Done It

November 20 2018

hdc podcasting tips from agent whos done itStarting a podcast may seem intimidating, but according to Phil Greely, all you really have to do is "capture your audio and host it somewhere where interested listeners can find it." Greely is a Seattle-based real estate broker as well as the producer and co-host of the popular Rise Seattle Podcast program. He cites his podcast as a contributing factor to his $20 million-a-year in real estate sales.

Greely decided to start podcasting when he realized his advertising and marketing were "pretty vanilla, and pretty much the same stuff everyone in real estate has been taught to do." He realized that the more media you put into the world, the more people will be aware of who you are and what you do. This in turn leads to business and referrals.

Getting Started

He stressed that starting a podcast doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. "All you really need," Greely explained, "is to go into a quiet room somewhere with your cell phone, hit record and start talking into a recording app and you have a file for a podcast." If you want to invest in quality, hire a sound engineer to remove static and background noises and add intro music.

But what to talk about? You won't keep your listeners' attention if you only talk about yourself and your business. Try to find topics that are relevant to your listeners, such as what's happening in your city or neighborhood. Interviewing business owners, local artists, or area leaders can also be interesting podcast material. If you decide to do an interview, Greely recommends learning how to conduct an interview so your guest is the hero, not you.

Spreading the Word

Once you have a completed podcast, you need somewhere to host it. Greely uses This website makes your podcast available on many of the larger podcast sites like Apple and Spotify.'s services start at $5 a month, but Greely said he pays $10-$15 a month for the services he receives.

After you make your podcast available, promote it! If you're already using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your business, use them to promote your podcast, too. Create a story around your podcast and use short videos or photos to make ads, share posts, and create hype for your podcast. Tag any guests you had on your podcast and ask them to share the podcast's link so you can reach their social audience, too.

If you would like to hear more of Greely's podcasting tips, watch the recorded Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, "3 Secrets from a Media-Savvy Local Expert." You can watch any of our recorded webinars or register to watch the next show live at

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