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What Every Agent Should Know About Podcasting

August 25 2019

hdc what every agent should know about podcastingA popular, but seldom discussed marketing option for real estate agents is podcasting. This medium is uniquely well suited for real estate because of the on-the-go nature of the business.

Some agents listen to podcasts to up their selling game. Others create podcasts to share their experiences with other agents or to teach potential buyers and sellers what's what.

Other agents, however, aren't familiar enough with podcasts to take advantage of them at all. If you count yourself among these, whether you're interested in listening to podcasts or creating your own, we've got what you need to know about what podcasts are and where to find them below.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is basically on-demand radio. Podcasts are typically offered as a series of episodes on a related topic. The creator uploads their podcast to the internet where listeners can access it any time. You can subscribe to the series or download/listen to individual episodes.

Where do you find a podcast?

Most podcasts are hosted on a media-related website like Blubrry, Stitcher, or Tune-In where you can listen or download the file. You can also find podcasts through companies like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

How do you listen to podcast?

Listening to a podcast is easy. Just pull it up on your computer, tablet, or phone to listen. For advanced on-the-go listening, connect your mobile device's audio to your car's speakers.

Who can create a podcast?

Almost anyone can create a podcast. You just have to have a speaker (hint: your cell phone has one) and internet access to upload your podcast. As with video, there's little to no startup cost for podcasting, but as you grow, you may want to invest in an audio-editing program and better sound equipment.

How do you create a podcast?

To start, figure out what kind of podcast you want to create: who will be your audience? What topics will you cover? Then you need to find a podcasting app to create podcasts via mobile device or get a microphone so you can create your podcast on your computer. Once you have the program you want to use, get recording. Remember to keep your audience and topics in mind and consider using a loosely formatted script to keep things on topic. Interviewing another professional or having a client or peer record with you can help things flow more naturally.

How do I share a podcast?

There are a lot of different podcast syndication channels like Anchor or ZCast that let you share your podcast in a multiple places when you upload it on their service. You should also consider adding it to your blog or website to reach your existing audience.

Got more questions about podcasting? Check out Phil Greely's podcasting tips from the recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar in Have You Ever Considered Podcasting? Tips from an Agent Who's Done it.

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