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Is the Square Footage of Your Listing Fake News or Are You Selling Properties Using Accurate Square Footage?

October 31 2019

Agents say they will do anything possible to represent the best interests of their sellers. However, some are missing one really important aspect of selling a house: the square footage.

Many agents assume the square footage information from an old listing in the MLS or found in public tax records is accurate. But is it really? No, it is not. It is what we call unverified square footage.

To successfully represent the best interest of their sellers, agents should always be using verified square footage of a property. Verified square footage comes in three different forms: appraisers or agents measure the home themselves (if they are knowledgeable of the local rules on what should be counted as square footage), or they use technology. Technology can be a powerful tool because there are several companies in the market that don't just measure the seller's home, they also provide ways of promoting the home.

In just a couple of paragraphs, we have just scratched the surface as to what an agent needs to know to understand how verified square footage can improve their level of professionalism.

Download the case study written by WAV Group to get a full understanding of improving your professionalism using square footage.

wav square footage study