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Safe Selling: Why Bedrooms Are a Danger Zone During Showings

January 13 2020

As an agent, you've heard it a hundred times: don't go into the basement or attic during a showing because you can easily get trapped and assaulted by unsavory prospects.

While that seems like a no-brainer, there's another place in the house that you need to be cautious about--and for very similar reasons. That place? Bedrooms!

In this week's Safe Selling video, we break down why bedrooms are a danger zone for agents during a showing. Watch the video above to learn:

  • The two major reasons that bedrooms are unsafe for agents
  • Why bedrooms are ideal for carrying out an attack
  • What to do when a client has a question about a bedroom
  • Where to safely stand when a client is viewing a bedroom

Next week: Master suites present their own safety challenges during a showing. Learn how to navigate them safely.