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Top 10 Most Popular Articles of March

April 02 2020

springIt's time for our round-up of the most read articles of the month--and I bet you can already guess which topic dominated our top posts.

That's right, it's all things related to the coronavirus pandemic. Our #1 article highlights the government's recent classification of real estate as an "essential service." To learn how to disinfect your smartphone and computer, see article #2. For real estate marketing best practices during this pandemic, mosey on down to article #7.

As for the rest of our list, we have a post about real estate scripts (#9), how to download free reports to generate leads (#5), real estate app recommendations (#6), and more!

Check out all ten of the most popular articles of March below:

1. Real Estate Is Now Considered an Essential Service According to U.S. Government
On Saturday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) updated its list of essential services during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and expressly included residential real estate. However, we'd like to underline the need to continue to follow all safety and health protocols. Here are a few ideas to consider.

2. How to Prevent Coronavirus by Cleaning Your Smartphone and Computer TODAY!
Last week, Apple announced the following recommendations and guidelines for cleaning your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, display, or peripheral device. Here's what you should do and what you should avoid when cleaning your iOS or Android devices.

3. 5 Social Media Habits Agents Should Leave Behind in 2020
Social media algorithms are placing greater emphasis on personal, meaningful content over vanity metrics like numbers of followers and likes. Make those algorithms work harder for you this year by ditching these five detrimental social media habits.

4. 10 Thank You Notes That Will Generate Business
Amid non-stop e-mails and social media bombarding everyone each day, there is a powerful answer to help you stand out above the noise. How can you make an impact that is both remembered and generates additional business for you? It is the power of the handwritten "Thank You" card.

5. Friday Freebie: 6 Downloadable Reports for Connecting with Prospects
While we all may be stuck socially distancing for a while, there's still ample opportunity to connect with real estate consumers. The trick? Offer something of value… like these six free reports. (And with legions of people stuck at home right now, there's no better time to offer good reading material.)

6. 5 Real Estate Apps that Will 'Wow' You and Your Clients
‍With an app on your phone or device, you can schedule showings, manage documents, create CMAs and complete just about any task in a transaction. Here's a look at buzzworthy real estate apps that can help you "wow" your clients, be more productive and efficient, and stand out from your colleagues.

7. Real Estate Marketing Best Practices in a COVID-19 Society
People are self-isolating and relying on social media to stay entertained, connected, and informed. This reality creates an incredible opportunity for us to become the centerpiece, facilitator, moderator, and conduit and for our communities to stay engaged and up-to-date with the latest, most relevant lifestyle information. Here are a few ideas to help you leverage the opportunities created by this potential health crisis.

8. Drive More Foot Traffic to Your Open House
‍Picture this: You're hosting an open house at a home that's a little out of the way—the sellers live in a cul-de-sac that takes a few confusing turns to get to. Yes, you've done your traditional open house marketing, but still, you're worried people aren't going to find it or simply won't bother navigating a tangle of unfamiliar roads. What to do? Here's an idea.

9. Your Complete Guide to Real Estate Scripts
Some say scripts are just a shallow representation of a natural conversation between the real estate agent and the client. Others claim that it's a very helpful tool—especially for a less experienced real estate agent—and scripts may help them overcome many unexpected situations. Well, we think there is a grain of truth in both of these statements and we should examine the scripts case more carefully.

10. 5 Fun and Easy YouTube Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents
What are some content ideas for real estate agents? Are you worried about creating good content that your potential clients will want to watch? Here are some YouTube content ideas for real estate agents you can use right now to build your credibility and get leads.