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3 Tips for Writing Better Rental Listings

February 20 2012


In their last whitepaper, the rental experts at RentJuice shared their tips for starting a rental division. In their most recent whitepaper, they explain how to write better rental listings. We’ll share 3 of their top tips here; for the full scoop, you can download the whitepaper.


Tip #1: Share as much information as possible.

The more information you’re able to include in your listing, the more likely people are to follow-up. Of course, not all information is created equal – some facts are more important than others. For instance, you want to be sure to include:

  • The price (not a deceptively low price or a price range; the REAL price)
  • The "laundry list" of features. That means all the features that you do have, and the important ones that you don't. It's the best way to prevent wasting their time and your own.
  • Amenities such as washer and dryer, air conditioning, pool, parking, etc.
  • The amount of living space and the floor plan, if possible.

top ranked aprtment amenity

Tip #2: Be specific.

Avoid fluff and fillers. Based on research, words like “gorgeous,” “beautiful,” “best,” and “fantastic” appear far too frequently in listings. These words mean nothing.  Instead, describe WHY the apartment is beautiful. Focus on details like “granite countertops” or “stainless steel appliances.”

search results keywords

Also be specific about the location. Include a map for clarification. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt to be specific about the benefits to renters. Rather than saying an apartment is “fantastic,” explain that it is fantastic because shopping is just walking distance away.


Tip #3: Use proper English grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

You want to speak to prospective clients in a personable, friendly way. That may mean a few grammatical mistakes during conversation. And that’s okay. But when it comes to the written word, proper English is a must.


Proper grammar improves credibility, because it makes the writer sound educated and trustworthy. This is particularly important due to all the scams that can be found on rental sites like Craigslist. Improper grammar may cause people to question whether or not an ad is actually “real.”


Want to discover two more, very important tips for writing better rental listings? Download the full RentJuice whitepaper here.


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