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How to Back Up Your Data! [Video]

November 19 2012

200px data wordHave you backed up your computer lately?

It can happen at any time to anyone--a data disaster. If you're not proactive with backing up, you risk losing precious information. Imagine--all your contacts, emails, media, and work data gone. Imagine having to start from scratch! If you've used being "too busy" as an excuse, stop. Nothing brings productivity to a screeching halt like lost data.

If you've put off backing up your hard drive because you don't know how, take a few minutes to educate yourself. According to our new contributor, My Computer Works, there are two easy ways to back up your data:

  • Drag and Drop - Whether you're using a USB thumb drive or external hard drive, this process works the same. Simply plug your memory device into your computer, then using a file explorer program, just drag and drop the data you want to save onto your device.
  • Disk Imaging or Cloning - This more thorough method creates an exact replica of your hard drive--including operating system, programs, desktop, settings, and data--making it easy to restore your computer exactly as it was.

See both methods in action on the next page in a quick video tutorial from My Computer Works.

Learn the easy way to back up your files to an external drive:

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