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Product Review: RBIntel

December 04 2012

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RBIntel is a very special data analytics program that is used by agents and brokers to educate consumers on what is happening in the local real estate market. The product is designed to allow MLS member agents and brokers to create almost any kind of market report they need, any time, on any device. It is amazing on the iPad or a smartphone, putting MLS market stats in your hands wherever you are meeting with customers.

Today's real estate agent is bombarded by consumers who believe everything they read on the Internet. Unfortunately, even popular television news sites give consumers incorrect information about the real estate market. Consumers often encounter sources like Zillow, Trulia, and Case-Shiller that use outdated and incomplete data to talk about the market. RBIntel is different because it is built on MLS data and published every month to give you the advantage you need to help today's homebuyer or seller.

rbintel reportsRBIntel was developed by an MLS (MRIS). They fundamentally understand how agents and brokers use real estate market data today. The program supports the ability for reports, or any part of a report, to be communicated between real estate professionals and their customer, including print, website, newsletter, blog, social media, and email. It even allows you to export the raw data into a spreadsheet.

Moreover, the market reports can be published as static reports or interactive reports. Think of a static report as a snapshot or photo. You might use this to tell your clients something specific, like today's list-to-sell ratio in their area. An interactive report has two features. First, it allows the customer to make changes to the report criteria. Secondly, the report will update automatically each month.


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These interactive reports are great resources for embedding information about specific real estate areas, like a county or a zip code, into your agent or broker website pages. Whenever your customer views the interactive report, you can rest assured that it is accurate and up to date.

There are literally dozens of ways that agents and brokers can leverage market data from the MLS to inform the consumer of what is really happening in real estate that impacts buying and selling homes.

Judging from this graph of the Median Sale Price, or any other report, both the agent and the consumer can discuss relevant trends that may impact their transaction. An agent might use this report to inform a seller that homes fetch more value from April to October. Another agent may use this report to inform a buyer that there is no better time to buy than in the winter months of November to March.

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Armed with real data from the MLS, presented beautifully though the RBIntel tool, you can dispel the myths that confound consumers from bad information resources.

Contact RBIntel to find out if the service is available in your area.

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