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ValueAppeal™ Pro Helps You Save Your Clients Money

January 18 2013

valueappeal proToday, 20- to 25 percent of consumers are overpaying their property taxes. ValueAppeal™ Pro is a solution that allows brokers and agents to determine which of their clients are overpaying, and then assists the professional in processing a complete appeal in a matter of minutes.

ValueAppeal™ Pro not only gives REALTORS® a reason to stay in touch with clients each year, throughout the year, but it is also a way to add and diversify revenue to their business while the client saves hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Agents and brokers can upload customer property addresses into ValueAppeal™ Pro, and ValueAppeal™ will instantly indicate who is or is not over-assessed. After the initial check, customers are filtered into three categories:

  • Opportunities
  • Active Appeals
  • Contacts (or opportunities who decided not to appeal)

Forms and Report Generation

Rules and regulations vary in every county across America, from the window of time you have to appeal to types of comparable properties that can be used, or even the size of paper on which appeals need to be submitted. Don't worry, though. ValueAppeal™ has programmed the criteria of each jurisdiction into their system and even provides specific instructions for each area, along with the required forms. These will even be pre-populated for each specific appeal.

While building these "reports," as they're called, a list of qualified properties appears along with detailed information about each property. ValueAppeal™ grades the quality of each comparable property in the list. They will suggest which comps they feel best support the case, but you can add or remove properties to adjust the case as you see fit.


While a professional pays $50 to $99 for a report, the average agent charges between 40 and 50 percent of the first year's savings. Remember, if your client reduces their taxes by $900 per year, that savings goes on year after year! ValueAppeal™ Pro has an 80 percent success rate, and if an appeal isn't successful, the professional is refunded.

In addition, ValueAppeal™ Pro has a number of ways to help your clients save on property taxes, depending on your desired amount of involvement. See the video below to learn more:

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