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Inman Connect Day 1: Robots, IDX, and C.A.R. vs. dotloop

July 11 2013

Real estate technology conference Inman Connect kicked off in San Francisco today. Conference attendees attended panels and talks on subjects ranging from robots and Google Glass to the worth of IDX.

The most anticipated event of the day, however, was the on-stage debate between C.A.R's Joel Singer and Austin Allison of dotloop. The two went head-to-head in a discussion on the security and privacy issues behind C.A.R.'s recent refusal to license its forms to dotloop.

We took to Twitter today to watch all the action unfold. It's our favorite way to monitor real time updates from the conference. Below, we've compiled a few of the day's best Tweets to keep our readers up to date, as well. Read on for some great 140-character nuggets of real estate wisdom.

* * *

KWStudioCityKWStudioCity - Realtors benefits when C.A.R. ensures that their privacy and security is protected and respected, comments Joel on forms usage at #ICSF

Laurie Weston DavisLaurie Weston Davis - It's not a choice if an agent wants oranges and you are force feeding apples CAR #icsf #choice

Jack MillerJack Miller - Separation of Content (forms) and code (software) allow user choice. Why can't we do that? #icsf

Sam ScottSam Scott - High drama at #ICSF as Austin Allison and Joel Singer debate access to CAR's proprietary forms.

inmansf2013 dotloop car

Tara L ChristiansonTara L Christianson - I agree that as real estate agents we should be cognizant of security & knowing how and where we put our and our client's information #ICSF

Mark FlavinMark Flavin - Both Dotloop and CAR are making good points but are they trying to convince themselves or us? Is there a middle ground? #ICSF

CA ASSN OF REALTORS®CA ASSN OF REALTORS® - Joel:"Competition makes us better, & we welcome it, but we won't compromise on the integrity of protecting transactions & our members" #ICSF

CA ASSN OF REALTORS®CA ASSN OF REALTORS® - Get the facts on C.A.R., its forms software product, and its relationships with its vendors here: … #ICSF

Tara L ChristiansonTara L Christianson - Design gives psychological cues to the users, often unknown to the user! - @fmanjoo, #ICSF

sean carpentersean carpenter - Frequency, curations and content - all things that help us prioritze our social "feeds" we choose to consume. @joshelman #icsf

Tracy SichtermanTracy Sichterman - Quinten Hardy, New York Times: Bubbles are a sign of health for the economy. they mean something important has happened. #icsf

ActiveRainActiveRain - #ICSF on why this agent doesn't use IDX "I don't want my clients to think all I do is find them the house" #greatline

Laura MonroeLaura Monroe - "Consumer needs to be in control of the information, as well as brokers." @MoveInc CEO @errolsamuelson #ICSF

Rebekah RadiceRebekah Radice - All the technology in the world doesn't matter if there isn't a personal connection. People still want to do #business with people! #icsf

Dane BriggsDane Briggs - Consumers want data in real-time and expect agents to respond in real-time. #icsf

NAR TechNAR Tech - Consumers go to sites like @trulia and @zillow b/c they are seeking transparency. #ICSF RE search panel

Katie LanceKatie Lance - "The expectation is not that social media is a big megaphone, but that the audience is going to talk back." [love this] #ICSF

Kendyl YoungKendyl Young - online video is making people smarter, faster. I use video to make my clients smarter, faster! #icsf

Dana KunzDana Kunz - Prototype app and device enables you to unlock a door based on your knock sequence. #internetofthings #icsf

Brooke DavisBrooke Davis - Home buyers and sellers want a specialist; online websites just help validate our information. #icsf

Eric E Terry - Stalkability of a real estate website is important. #ICSF #HID (What someone paid for the home, school score, etc.)

nobuhatanobuhata - Being opinion-adverse has led to agents being litigation-adverse. Clients want former, agents are latter. #HID #ICSF

Mary Van BurenMary Van Buren - Differentiator between wanting to use a Realtor again or not is the quality of communications. #ICSF

Sarah WestneySarah Westney - Remember: while you're focused on 30 transactions, your client is focused on 1. #hearitdirect #icsf

Laura MonroeLaura Monroe - Consumer does NOT think agent Facebook and Twitter feeds are interesting prior to personal connection @HearItDirect #ICSF

Wendy ForsytheWendy Forsythe - The majority of online leads don’t receive a response. If u called the cable company & didn’t get a response would u sign up with them? #icsf

Dane BriggsDane Briggs - Google has announced if your site doesn't respond to mobile, they are punishing your rank #icsf #techconnect

sean carpentersean carpenter - "Knowledge of market, needs of buyer and any secret or inside info on market" would make my agent a 10. Via panelist at #HID #icsf

BoomTownBoomTown - "I expect the agent to respond to me within 24 hours. Better yet, by end of business day!" #icsf #hearitdirect

Amy HobackAmy Hoback - If you only have one photo on a listing,some buyers may feel you are hiding something about the property. #ICSF

AllThingsBHGREAllThingsBHGRE - Buyers are tech savvy, using social and Google to check agent credentials before making contact. What does your online presence say? #icsf

NAR TechNAR Tech - Buyer chose Trulia because they liked the feature "what's around me." #icsf #hearitdirect