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Lose the Paperwork, Build Your Business With the iPad

October 10 2013

homes com ipad lose paperworkHave you started using the iPad to manage your business? If not, then you are already a couple steps behind the competition. From bank statements to concert tickets, everything is becoming paperless and the iPad is helping make that happen. In fact, it's streamlining the way people do business by eliminating the time and costs required to conduct your day-to-day operations the "old school" way.

Strangely, many agents and brokers have yet to adopt the concept of going paperless. According to Garry Wise of the GoodLife Team, on average, paperless agents save five hours per transaction. It's no secret that real estate professionals have hectic schedules, so why wouldn't you want to save yourself a little time to get back to the things you enjoy?

With the said, wants to shed some light on ways to use the iPad and highlight the applications that make it so essential to stay ahead in today's competitive real estate industry.

  • Staying Organized. No one likes to flip through endless pages of notes to find a single phone number or address, which is why applications like Evernote and Dropbox have become so popular. These apps allow you to store all of your notes and documents into one convenient location, meaning you can say bye-bye to all sticky notes spread across your office.
  • Make every transaction easier. Finding a time when everyone involved in a transaction can meet quickly turns a simple transaction into a major headache. The Cartavi management tool will eliminate this problem. Use this app to securely store your important documents in the cloud and if a new signature is required, simply send a notification to the appropriate party to let them know. Instead of rushing to make those across town meetings for a simple signature, just use your iPad to keep everyone in the loop!

  • Eliminate the paperwork. During a real estate transaction, there's usually an extensive amount of paperwork involved. This is probably second nature for you, but it can be overwhelming for clients and prospects. The zipForm and DocuSign apps reduce the hassle of sorting through mountains of paperwork, so you can leave the briefcase at home. The combination of these apps allow everyone to apply their electronic signature or initials on any document, with a simple click of the screen.

Obviously, not everyone can just pick up an iPad and run with it, but don't worry because has plenty of resources available that will help show you the ropes! Presentations by co-founders and Secrets of Top Selling Agents hosts, provide a crash course in maximizing the iPad to optimize a real estate business in Master the iPad in 15 MinutesMaster the iPad in 15 Minutes and iPad Apps and Strategies for Real Estate AgentsiPad Apps and Strategies for Real Estate Agents. also has iPad apps that can help you save time during a real estate transaction, such as the Mortgage Calculator and Real Estate Search.

Consumers are looking for a real estate professional that can help buy or sell their home in the most efficient way as possible, which means that it's time for you to go paperless! Since is your partner in real estate, we have plenty of learning resourceslearning resources available to help your business grow by using the latest technology. Don't get left behind by the competition, start taking advantage of all the opportunities that the iPad and its wide array of apps present to real estate professionals today!

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