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Need a New Year’s Resolution?

January 12 2011

go green new yearThe term, “New Year’s resolution,” is often associated with an ambitious goal that often falls flat come February.  However, if the goal is realistic and practical, it’s easier to adopt. For real estate professionals, that realistic and practical goal could be adopting a paperless platform.

Going paperless is beneficial to real estate professionals in a variety of ways.  For starters, the transaction and negotiation process of buying and selling a home is riddled with paperwork that requires signing, faxing, printing etc. Eliminating this tedious process significantly increases agent efficiency and decreases burnout.

Agents spend less time drafting documents, faxing and tracking down clients for signatures.  Procuring the necessary documents in a centralized, online location reduces paperwork, leaving more time to generate new business.

The next generation of homebuyers grew up in the information age; where everything is available at the touch of a button. Considering most prospective homebuyers begin their search online, the option to complete the process online is a big selling point. Therefore, efficiency and simplicity are key components in acquiring their business. Using electronic signatures meets the demand for instantaneous transactions that are time stamped and legally binding.

Going paperless not only saves time, but money too.  Each transaction and negotiation yields on average 100 sheets of paper.  Not only does each transaction require printing multiple sheets, but storing them as well.  For brokers with multiple agents, printing and storing costs can be rather substantial.

Paperless transactions reduce, if not eliminate, printing and storing needs. Thus, saving brokers considerable amounts of money, consequently increasing profits.  After all, that is the bottom line of most businesses.

In addition to saving money, paperless transactions help save the environment. A paperless platform requires less deforestation and processing which decreases emissions and waste. Adopting a green initiative speaks volumes with consumers.

Today, environmental consciousness is a determining factor for many consumers in choosing a company to patronize.  Going green indicates a sense or responsibility and concern on a business’s behalf. In effect, taking a green initiative is both good for the environment and overall business.

There you have it. Adopting a paperless platform maximizes efficiency, saves money while reducing waste and emissions. Therefore, going paperless is the sensible New Year’s resolution for all real estate professionals.

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