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Do Luxury Clients Prefer iPhones?

May 21 2014

I'm captivated by this map of iPhone usersmap of iPhone users in New York City. It shows where Android and iOS users are concentrated geographically. And, surprise (or not?), the lines appear to be drawn along economic lines.

iPhones users (in red) coat affluent Manhattan, while Android dominates the poorer outer boroughs.

luxury iphone manhattan

The trend stays true in other locales, as well--San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London all map out according to the same income pattern.

Does this mean that luxury clients prefer premium-priced iPhones over lower cost Androids? The data seem to suggest that. If you serve the luxury market, consider switching to an iPhone to better reflect the values of your client base. And be sure that your website looks good and functions properly on the platform. Similarly, any apps you offer to clients (like branded search apps, eSign, etc.) need to work flawlessly on iOS.

Another recent study sheds light on the best advertising channels for reaching high income consumers. If you think reaching them on their shiny new iPad is the best course of action, you'd be wrong. In fact, the top five channels for engaging millionaires are:

  1. Print Newspapers
  2. Television
  3. Print Magazines
  4. Websites
  5. Mail sent to their homes

With the exception of websites, all of these are soundly traditional. And you thought print was dead!

luxury iphone channels

The takeaway: If you're a luxury agent, it certainly behooves you to have a well-designed website, but consider taking out ads in local media channels. Most publications offer demographic data for potential advertisers, so use it to target wisely.

  • Tip: According to the study, medical offices offer high engagement potential for attracting the wealthy. Find out what magazines your doctor displays in their office, and take out a print ad in those publications.

With luxury clients, you may have to spend more to make more. But just remember that premium you spend on traditional advertising instead of on more affordable digital options has the potential to net a bigger commission.