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Powerful New 3D Imaging Technology Combines Virtual Tours With Fully Interactive Floor Plans
There is a new and exciting addition to the world of digital real estate imaging. The iGuide is a highly detailed visual property report that eliminates guesswork and confusion on behalf of the home viewer. Information that would traditionally be obtained by taking manual measurements and touring a home in-person can now be easily accessed in a sleek iGuide presentation, making this an unparalleled resource for brokerages and agents who want to add maximum value to their listing exposure. An iGuide โ€“ created by scanning a property with the Planitar Interior Mapping System โ€“ includes a high resolution photo gallery, room measurements, 360 degree views of all rooms, interactive floor plans, PDF floor plans, interior floor areas, on-screen measuring tape and more. This report reduces the time and money it takes to acquire the visuals and information that are vital to putting a listing on the market. Here is an example of an iGuide, and you can view several more examples by browsing the iGuides listed here. Watch the videos below to learn more:
Mobile App Spotlight: RoomScan
Have you heard of RoomScan? This is one of the most simple and exciting pieces of mobile technology I've seen in a while โ€“ and it great for real estate professionals. With RoomScan, you can draw up a floor plan or figure out the dimensions of a room in mere seconds. You can input your own data or make adjustments manually, as well. The app has been designed for users at all points on the technical comfort spectrum. Voice prompts walk you through what needs to be done, step-by-step. You simply hold you phone up to a wall, wait for the beep, and move on to the next wall or corner. With the pro version, you can not only include doorways, but you can move beyond a room. Scan an entire floor and RoomScan will stitch the rooms together for a complete floor plan! All you need is an iPhone to use the app, and there is a free version available (though only the paid version will include doorways). The paid version is currently available through the iTunes store.
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