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4 Tips for Finding the Right Inspector
An essential part of home buying is having a home inspection. Even if you are purchasing a property in “as is” condition it is wise to do a due-diligence home inspection so you can try to get a true read on the condition of the property. Often times Buyers are told by friends or family to use an inspector they used, or not to trust the one their real estate agent recommends. I think it is wise to consider the inspectors your real estate agent recommends. Remember that we deal with these people day in and day out, have some idea of their reputations, performance, experience, thoroughness, and presentation.  All of those things are important when you are having a home inspected. I often will recommend a few inspectors; I also have a clear opinion on a few I would not recommend (including the one my agents gave us for our home purchase, what a disaster!). I make my recommendations based on experience with the inspector, client experience and performance record after the closing, i.e. were issues which should have been apparent uncovered after closing?
Need Legal or Consulting Services?
Larson/Sobotka is a consulting firm and a law firm specializing in offering services to the real estate industry. Specifically they focus their service offerings on technology vendors to the real estate industry, MLS service providers, Associations of REALTORS® (State, Local, National), and real estate brokers. Their legal practices focus on a variety of dimensions throughout the real estate industry including ecommerce, databases, Web branding issues, and rule-making for online communities. Larson/Sobotka supported RE Technology in the development of many of its business documents. Legal services also extend to providing copyright, trademark, Internet/computer and technology licensing counsel.