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Find Sellers Now! Farming for Prospects with RPR
If you know anything about real estate right now, you know that inventory is tight. In this market, you simply can't wait for sellers to come to you. You've got to go find them! And you find them by farming for prospects. Geographic farming is one of the most tried and true techniques when it comes to an agent's long term success. You need to find the right neighborhoods, crunch data to determine if they're ripe, and effectively market yourself to the homeowners in the area over a sustained period. Not sure where to start? RPR is here to map out your path to success... You build a farm—then harvest it for leads! If you're not familiar with geographical farming, here's a simplified explanation: a farm is an area, usually a neighborhood, that you identify as having great potential to market yourself to in order to find prospects and clients. RPR can help you with both. Find your farm and dig So how do you figure out if a neighborhood is worth targeting? Turnover rate is one of the most important factors to consider. Turnover is a percentage of how many homes have sold in a defined area in a year. For example, if an area has one hundred homes, and 10 are sold in a year, the turnover rate is 10%. A good rule of thumb is that your farm area must have at least a 5% turnover rate for you to invest in targeting it. Another important thing to look for when doing this research is to see if a market is dominated by one agent already. If one agent already has 25% or more of the listings in an area, you might want to look elsewhere. This agent has beaten you to it and has obviously already invested their time, resources, etc. We're not saying you can't do it or that it is impossible, but it's more difficult to establish yourself in a market that's already been fished. Or farmed, in this case. Market yourself to your farm After you've found your area and done your homework to make sure it's a fertile farm, you need to market yourself to those homeowners. You'll need to apply a mix of marketing tactics, over at least a one year period, including email, social media posts, phone calls, door knocking (post-COVID, of course), and perhaps most importantly, direct mail. RPR adds tons of value by giving REALTORS® the ability to easily create mailing labels, up to 2,000 per month. (Watch this video: Create Your Own Mailing Labels In RPR: A How-To Video for details.) Pro Tip: How to Target Specific Homeowners - This RPR Shortcut will guide you through an example of how to search for Owner Occupied homeowners that have owned the property for between 5-15 years. Try it now! Farming for prospects: one webinar that can change your entire marketing strategy We know what you're thinking, "This sounds very complicated and requires a lot of effort. And there's math?!" Okay, it will require work on your part and you will have to put in some time. (Kind of a given, right?) However, it's not as difficult as it sounds and RPR has simplified it for you. Learn more by saving your spot in this upcoming webinar, "Finding Sellers for Today and Tomorrow: Real Estate Farming is Your Key to Success." Attend this special webinar and you'll see how easy it is to start farming for prospects in RPR. We show you each step, where to click, how to use the maps to uncover data, how to determine if one agent is getting all the listings, and even how to create mailing labels for your direct mail campaigns. Finding sellers and getting listings should be the top priority for every practicing REALTOR®. Get started and farm for prospects today to have listings tomorrow. If you want to dig even deeper and sharpen your farming skills further, be sure to check out: RPR's Ultimate Guide to Geographic Farming. It goes in depth to explain every last detail to help get you up and running. Good luck, farmer! To view the original article, visit the RPR
Post-Holiday Tips for Finding Leads Before Summer Ends
July 4 weekend tends to be a peak moment for busy season in real estate. Though the holiday weekend itself isn't as bustling because so many families are on vacation, the following week sees a huge spike in activity and marks a noteworthy halfway point in busy season. Typically, inventory peaks at the end of June and the beginning of July, though continues to stay relatively strong through winter. We're currently in the midst of a highly competitive seller's market, with many agents still focused on generating leads now. There is still plenty of time left in summer to find high-intent buyers and sellers who will keep you busy in the months to come. Here are the top three ways you can attract leads before summer is over so you don't miss a beat — or a commission check — this fall. 1. Start running Google's Local Services Ads We could devote an entire article to the benefits of our Concierge program, but here we want to focus on the best way that Concierge generates high-intent leads for real estate agents: Google's Local Services Ads. In the middle of summer, you aren't looking for leads that need to be nurtured for 6-12 months. You're looking for high-intent leads, and Google's Local Service Ads deliver direct, live phone call leads that fit the bill. Our analysts found that 50% of leads are highly qualified, and one out of every 10 is a seller lead. And the leads that aren't qualified? You won't pay a dime for them — we'll screen them and add that budget back to your ad campaign, so you can keep generating quality leads. These ads work because they are prominently displayed at the very top of Google's search results page, even above both organic and paid results — perfect because consumers who are using Google to search for real estate agents or listings are already signaling they are higher intent than casual window shoppers. Besides their placement, there are two things that make Local Services Ads attractive to consumers. First, there is a frictionless click-to-call feature so high-intent buyers and sellers can contact the agent of their choice in a single tap. Second, Google offers advertisers the opportunity to apply for a Google Screened badge. This badge signals to consumers that the agent has been vetted and approved by Google. It helps boost consumer confidence in the agent and leads to more live phone calls for you, the agent. These ads are still relatively new to Google, and they are actually only available to a limited number of professions at this time. Agents who run Local Services Ads now are getting in on the ground floor, which will give them an advantage over competitors who are slower to react. Concierge can help agents get up and running more quickly, including guiding them through the vetting process to obtain the Google Screened badge. If you're ready for live phone calls from high-intent leads, get in touch with a Concierge team member today. 2. Optimize your social media ads If you are not actively advertising on Facebook and Instagram, it's time to start. If you are, keep going! No matter which bucket you fall into, use these two top tips to quickly optimize your summer ads for lead generation: Be strategic in who you target by creating a custom audience for your digital ads. Your custom audience list could be your sphere, recently acquired leads, warm prospects, or any other group you want to consistently get in front of. All you do is upload the list of users you want to target and if they have an account on Facebook or Instagram, the platforms will show them your ad. You just need email addresses or phone numbers to get started, and this ensures you're spending your ad dollars on higher-intent leads who should be further along in your nurturing cycle. Include a lead magnet in your ad. You have to give people a convincing reason to submit their contact information. Otherwise, you're just running a brand awareness ad. That's fine, but if you want leads before summer ends, you need to make some adjustments. Offer buyers and sellers something worthwhile in exchange for their email address or phone number. For example, it could be a guide for buying/selling in today's market, a free consultation or home valuation, or registration to your educational webinar (more on that later). 3. Lead educational webinars for buyers and sellers If you can commit the time to organize and conduct a couple webinars this summer, then you will likely see a positive return on investment. A webinar is a great opportunity for potential prospects to hear how knowledgeable you are about the local real estate market, which builds trust and will make them more inclined to want to work with you. A majority of the content should focus on educating viewers about the topic you're presenting. At the end, you'll slip in a light sales pitch about how you are the best local agent to work with and the ways you make the buying and/or selling experience easier for your clients. Setting up a webinar isn't complex, but there are a few steps in the process: To start, first think of an interesting topic to present on that you know well and will appeal to your specific target audience. Maybe it's, "Hidden expenses first-time homebuyers always miss" or "Top challenges empty nesters face when selling in [city]." Then, promote your webinar through your typical marketing channels, including in your Facebook and Instagram ads. After your presentation ends, send an email to all attendees offering a free consultation for a limited time. By setting an expiration date for the offer, you'll create a sense of urgency and influence them to act ASAP. For those who signed up but didn't attend, include in your email a link to the webinar recording so they have the opportunity to benefit from the information, as well as the same limited-time offer for a free consultation. To view the original article, visit the Homesnap
The REAL Problem with Buying Online Leads that No One Wants to Talk About
If agents buy leads and grow their business through advertising, then they become transactional. If agents are transactional, then they become a commodity. If agents are a commodity, then they can be replaced by technology. THIS is the REAL problem with buying online leads and any kind of advertising. And here's the thing—the companies who sell you leads and advertising are definitely not going to talk about it. It's not in their best interests. But the good news is that the data says you shouldn't buy online leads or any kind of advertising! And here's the punchline: if you don't, then you will stay relevant and not be replaced by technology companies like Redfin and Zillow, and iBuyers like Opendoor. Now let's dig into the facts… How do homeowners find their agent? According to the 2021 NARS Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report, upwards of 75% of home sellers used a referral or agent they knew from the past to list their house. In addition, 36% of sellers recommended their agent three times post-sale of their own home. Conversely, 1% of sellers used advertising to choose an agent and 1% used direct mail. ...so why are real estate agents and brokers spending so much on these platforms? The loose answer is, because that's what they are told. When a new agent starts their business, they are willing to go along with the status quo. As for brokers, they too have been led down the garden path, so to speak. They can only provide so many tools for their teams before they become antiquated or ineffective. What do homeowners care about? The three most important factors in choosing a real estate agent to sell, by level of service, according to the 2021 NAR report, are: Reputation of Agent: 31% Honesty and integrity: 26% Knowledge of Neighborhood: 15% So, it stands to reason that if people choose their agents based on the factors above, wouldn't buying leads and paying for bus bench advertising be unnecessary? Simple answer: Yes. The three factors listed above clearly have little to do with the actions of buying leads or advertising. What they all have in common is human connection. It's been proven time and again that people work with people they "know, like and trust." So how are real estate agents supposed to create this loyalty so they can build a business instead of being transactional? The primary objective of real estate agents should be to become more relevant by their clients and become indispensable to their community. Additional problem: The Covid pandemic Advertising has often been referred to as "merely a connection of strangers." Now, consider what being a consumer, during a pandemic, while trying to buy or sell your house with a stranger really entails? Not sold on the idea? The pandemic has far reaching effects as it has created a lot of fear-based behavior. We no longer want to meet strangers face-to-face for fear of getting sick. We have created "safe" bubbles and are intentional with whom we "let in." These are people we know, like and, most importantly, TRUST. Combine this with the fact that homeowners have had over five years of experiencing poor service from agents who attest they are the local market expert, only to find out they flash fancy numbers and show comparisons of other listed houses and call it a day. With a 30% decline in conversion from advertising, evidence is now indicating a massive shift towards using agents that people know, like and trust or who were referred to them by people they trust. "The data speaks for itself. Advertising is working less and relationships are working more. Whether an agent uses my company's solution or not, the key to growing your business in this new normal is to spend less time and money on buying leads in all the various ways, shapes and forms you can, and shift that time and money towards adding value to people," explains Grant Findlay-Shirras, Co-Founder and CEO of Parkbench.com, a leading online website that helps real estate agents connect with their community and foster relationships with homeowners and business owners. Real estate agents who fundamentally understand these concepts can consistently generate new business. This can be accomplished using various techniques and implementing them into one's daily business routine. Some concepts include, but are not limited to, the following: Create a website and post local news and events (helps with SEO) List the businesses in your community, and post their deals, sales and specials (helps with SEO) Blog about local schools, parks, events, etc. (helps with SEO) This list is endless, but the work isn't. "A referral system can be grown organically through providing value upfront and then cultivating your database," says Rick Aurora, a broker of Royal LePage Infinity Realty in Toronto, Canada. "The best referral in life is a personal referral from someone you know." Rick and many other business-conscious real estate brokers are turning to companies, like Parkbench, for alternate solutions to help their agents in this fast-paced and highly competitive industry. "How can I help you?" These are five simple words, but they can have a huge impact on and can change your business forever. These words can help you separate your real estate business from your competition. These words can lead you to become the go-to person in your community. Service first By serving people first, by investing your time and energy into others outside of yourself and creating relationships that will last a lifetime, you become that person people will know, like and trust. As you refer people and businesses to each other, they will naturally want to refer business to you! It's the Law of Reciprocity! Now understanding the "Law of Reciprocity" is one thing; implementing it is another. Rick Aurora believes this wholeheartedly. His company, Royal LePage Infinity Realty, reached out to Grant Findlay-Shirras when he saw what the Parkbench platform could do for his team. They have since formed a partnership that allows real estate agents to use the platform on a pay-as-you-go basis. "Grant has offered us to 'try before you buy' his services. That takes TRUST!" Rick states. How does it work? The Parkbench system has client acquisition down to a science. It is a systematic and predictable process to help real estate agents give value to their community. "The average agent who uses Parkbench grows their income by 25% year over year and they profit more since it's built on relationships and referrals vs advertising. Aligning with brokers across North America strengthens our position for long-term growth and offers them [brokerages] the ability to create business differentiation," Grant says. Do you want to do more relationship based, community-driven marketing? If you're an agent in The GTA, contact Rick to get access to Parkbench at no upfront cost to you, and use it to help you get more listings and referrals! If you're an agent in any other part of the world and you want to become the local market expert and increase your exposure within your geo farm community, reach out to Grant Findlay-Shirras to learn how. If you're a broker owner or team leader who wants to give their agents a systematic and predictable way to create high quality leads in their geo farm that doesn't cost you any money, then contact [email protected] to learn more about "the local broker program." Free resource Do you want to know the top 30 local professionals who refer the most business to agents? Download this free ebook and learn who they are and how you can connect with them. Also, you will learn how to add value to business owners so that you can build referral generating relationships with