How to Take Advantage of this Real Estate Market

How to Take Advantage of this Real Estate Market


January 18, 2023 


How to Take Advantage of this Real Estate Market
Agents, how are you viewing this market shift? Rather than seeing it as a slow-down period, you should be thinking about it as your chance to gain the upper hand and boost your business for years to come. Now that you can come up for air, it's time to focus on your business, budgeting, and best practices. With the new year just arrived, now is the...
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Tap into Big Data with RPR and Esri Tapestry Segmentation
Looking for the optimal business site? The right customers to support a business? A high-traffic area packed with disposable incomes that offers a significant ROI? Understanding consumer segmentation data can help lead you to the answers and working in RPR can help you build a commercial real estate strategy that's based on consumer and market trends,...
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Luxury Real Estate Begins with People and Ends with Brand
Luxury brands have proliferated rapidly in the real estate landscape, with the latest entry being Forbes. There are two observations that are based in transaction data. The first observation is that the most expensive 10% or 20% of properties that define the luxury market in a given area are not always dominated by luxury brands. They are dominated...
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10 Tips to Improve Your Social Media in 2023
Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 11:00 AM PST Are you getting results from social media marketing? Join us for a 30-minute crash course in getting more out of your social media efforts. Learn from an OutboundEngine marketing expert how to choose the right platforms, craft the right content and automate the hard stuff. You'll learn: The social media...
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Revive and SOLD.com team up to deliver market-ready listings to agents
IRVINE, Calif. — Jan. 17, 2023 — Revive, the most complete presale home renovation solution for sellers, and SOLD.com, the leading online real estate marketplace and educational resource provider, are teaming up to empower the 45,000+ agents in the SOLD.com network to unlock inventory and create move-in-ready homes with $0 due from sellers until...
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