Friday Freebie: 5 Checklists to Optimize Your Lead Gen in 2023

Friday Freebie: 5 Checklists to Optimize Your Lead Gen in 2023


January 20, 2023 


Friday Freebie: 5 Checklists to Optimize Your Lead Gen in 2023
We're well into the first month of the year—how's your lead gen plan going? If it needs a little nudge off the starting blocks, or if you just want to audit your processes and tools, nothing makes doing that easier than checklists! Whip your lead gen efforts into quick shape with these five free checklists for optimizing all aspects of your lead...
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Is It Time to Contact Tech Support? Answer These 3 Questions
When you have easy access to Tech Helpline as a standard benefit, you might not realize how fast this resource can be in helping you solve your tech problems. Did you know that research shows the average customer support resolution time is 82 hours? That is nearly three-and-a-half days! Companies in the Top 5 percent of customer support resolution...
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Retention, Recruiting, and Acquisitions as Operating Leverage
I do my best reading and creative thinking while riding my bike that goes nowhere (a.k.a. my stationary bike). Yesterday, before skiing, I came across the image below which instantly triggered recent experiences. As entrepreneurs, we are inspired by our vision, by the chase for greatness and the rewards of our accomplishments. Hard work, teamwork,...
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Dotloop Advanced Agent Training
Multiple dates Experienced looper? Join our advanced training session to learn about popular features that will help you streamline transactions even further. How to create form templates How to create task lists How to create an "Easy-Offer" link How to link to a listing with offers How to create a loop via email How to email into templates Register...
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FundingShield Announces Partnership with Milestones to Deliver Homebuyers with Protection from Wire Fraud
Newport Beach, Calif. – January 17, 2023 – FundingShield, LLC., is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership to deliver its consumer wire fraud prevention technology ("CWAVs") to clients of Milestones.ai ("Milestones") protecting homebuyers from real estate wire fraud. FundingShield, a leading provider of FinTech risk management...
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