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Friday Freebie: The 'Secret Sauce' to Online Lead Generation
Are your lead generation efforts leaving you hungry for better results? Maybe you're putting in too much work for too little reward, or maybe your campaigns just aren't coming together the way you envisioned. Whatever the case, we've got the recipe to spice up your sales funnel. This week's Friday Freebie will show you how to stand out from the crowd, build a successful pipeline, and drive conversions. Read on to learn more! Download a free copy of 'Lead Generation Secret Sauce,' courtesy of Elevate There are a lot of ingredients in a successful lead generation campaign. Fortunately, the marketing experts at Elevate have laid it all out in a new guide that's free to RE Technology members. The guide is packed full of easy-to-implement tips, tricks and strategies, as well as a bunch of special offers to jumpstart your online lead generation. Here's a quick look at what you can expect when you download this free guide: The misconceptions and realities of online lead generation An overview of a successful real estate lead conversion funnel The best platforms for online marketing How your CRM can help An example workflow for new leads More free offers to kickstart your online lead gen And more! Ready to get started? Download this FREE guide to learn the 'secret sauce' to lead generation
Real Estate Agents Gain Access to Enterprise-Level Advertising Technology with BOOST
It's been a little over nine months since we first previewed BOOST from Property Panorama at NAR in San Francisco, where agents gained access to automated listing ads for the first time. Previously, automated ads were only available to brokerages and large teams. In February, the debut of BOOST Digital Advertising changed all that. BOOST puts the power of automated listing ads in the hands of individual agents, thanks to 230 MLS integrations nationwide. Today, we're checking in to see how BOOST has matured in its first half-year and the results agents have been seeing. How BOOST Stacks Up BOOST's track record of success in its first six months has been beyond stellar. Here's a brief rundown of the numbers provided by Property Panorama: BOOST provides 3-5 times better clickthrough rates (CTR) than the industry average BOOST's Click Through Rates (CTR) outperform Adwerx ads by 2-3 times BOOST is integrated with 60% of MLSs nationwide. NOTE: If your MLS is not integrated, BOOST is still available to you, but there will be just a bit more data entry. BOOST is also the most affordable digital ad product for agents on the market, backed by a price match guarantee. That means if you see cheaper advertising costs from another product, BOOST will match that price. BOOST's pricing is also simpler and more upfront than its competitors. For example, BOOST's pricing includes web ads, mobile, and Facebook, whereas Adwerx makes you purchase all three separately with added charges for each. With better pricing and results, BOOST's value can be a real boon to your marketing efforts. We reached out to a few customers and this is what we found out: "High praise to Property Panorama digital advertising, especially the immediate responses I received to every question I had throughout the ad campaign," says Kim Vastine of JP and Associates Southlake. "They went above and beyond to make it successful. Very good experience." "I had a property that was listed for six months with little interest. After starting the BOOST advertising campaign, interest picked up with increased showings and two contracts," says Ella Ginest, Century 21 Property Advisors. To this point, BOOST has been met with an overwhelmingly positive reception, which can be expected to continue as more and more agents see the benefits first-hand. How It Works Now that you know how BOOST performs, let's take a look at how it works. BOOST is able to offer a broker-level product to real estate agents because of MLS integrations. Property Panorama is already integrated with 230 MLSs. BOOST uses those integrations and the infrastructure to automate the creation of digital ad campaigns. When you enter a new property into the MLS, Property Panorama will automatically create a BOOST ad for that listing. While BOOST will create and populate the ad templates, you will have full control to tweak the look, targeting, and content of their ads as you choose. Every listing campaign includes an InstaView virtual tour as well, which acts as a landing page for the ad by default, though agents can point their ads to any page they choose. Once the system creates the ad, they'll be displayed on major websites like ESPN, CNN and Facebook in both mobile and desktop formats. Sample BOOST listing ad on Facebook Marketplace Sample BOOST listing ads on the mobile versions of major websites. Using advanced analytics, BOOST specifically targets consumers whose online activities suggest they're interested in buying or selling a home. "We also restrict our ad placement to 'above the fold' high-visibility locations within the pages that the ads are displayed on," says Colton Slater, President of Property Panorama. "This gives campaigns the best chance of clicks and overall success." To learn more about BOOST Digital Advertising, visit
Crush Your Sales Goals with this ONE Key Tool: CRM
Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 10:00 AM PDT Hitting sales targets isn't easy. But it's a process and a skillset that can be streamlined when you have the right tools working for you. IXACT Contact is not only a real estate CRM built exclusively for agents just like you who want to improve the way they work, but also an automated marketing system that supports every phase of your sales cycle. This webinar is specifically designed to demonstrate how IXACT Contact helps you organize, systematize and optimize your sales activities so you're always generating good leads and closing solid deals. You'll learn how to: Organize all your contact data and your business Automate your lead capture, nurture, and conversion Stay top of mind with a done-for-you monthly e-Newsletter Keep in touch with the right people at the right time with intelligent call reminders Create a beautiful IDX agent website that builds your online brand Automate your social media content posting to generate leads Build relationships and grow your referral and repeat business When you're equipped, you're prepared. And when you're prepared, you're able to seize sales opportunities like never before. Register