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Reach150 and Corefact Announce Partnership; Broadens the Online Reach and Referability for Real Estate Clients

October 22 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, October 21, 2015 — Reach150Reach150, the leader in referral management for relationship businesses, and CorefactCorefact, the leading company in advanced printing and online marketing solutions for the real estate and mortgage industries, today announced a key partnership. The collaboration between the two companies provides real estate agents and brokerages the ability to boost the results of their direct mail by including targeted online advertising campaigns to prospective home sellers through an integrated offline-online solution.

Reach150Reach150 provides its clients the most advanced recommendation and referral management solution on the market. The service helps individual business owners and organizations nurture their important relationships to ensure they stay top-of-mind in order to generate new business referrals. Additionally, they are able to promote themselves to a broader audience including business partners, people in their social network and their local community. Reach150's partnership with CorefactCorefact means that customers of both companies will be able to reach their target customers with a powerful, integrated online/ offline marketing solution. The combined solution helps business owners, and organizations drive brand awareness and close more business across the board.

"Corefact has a proven record of helping real estate professionals secure new business leads through their highly effective and efficient direct mail campaigns," said Dan Hodges, founder of Reach150. "Reach150 is focused on using recommendations from happy clients to help validate a business or individual and to promote their great service, through online channels, to their sphere of influencers. Combining Corefact's offline reach with Reach150's focus on promoting a business or organization through online channels means that our joint customers will stay in front of their prospects on an ongoing basis, and provide them with tangible evidence of their high quality service."

Using the two systems, a client creates a Corefact mailer with the option of including recommendations they've collected through their Reach150 profile. These offline mailers are sent to the zip code or codes of choice. The postcards include a unique key code that the homeowner can enter online to get the estimated value of their home. Once entered, the homeowner is subsequently tagged by Reach150 and will begin to see advertisements for the business owner or organization who initially sent the mail. This ad promotes their high quality service, throughout the target's online activities, which link back to the client's Reach150 site.

"Partnering with Reach150 is a natural extension for us," said Christopher Burnley, CEO of Corefact. "Combining mailings with online advertising offers more value and exposure to our customers, extending their brand through Reach150 retargeting campaigns. Together, Reach150 and Corefact provide a 360-degree solution to attracting new clients, from direct mail to a landing page to online ads. The two products combined produce stronger results, and are the only target marketing an agent needs."

Both companies will offer the combined solution to current and new customers. For more information or to sign-up, visit or

About Reach150

Reach150Reach150 is the leader in referral management, providing relationship businesses with a systematic and simple way to generate more referrals and close more business. Ninety-two percent of individuals trust referrals from people they know and are six times more likely to do business with them. Reach150 helps people grow their business by proactively building their online reputation, promoting proof of their excellent service, and nurturing their most important relationships. Learn more about Reach150 at

About Corefact

CorefactCorefact, based in Hayward, CA, is a privately-held company providing sales organizations and sales people with a complete marketing solution that leverages state-of-the-art conversion tools and timely data-driven content – both online and offline – that engage customers and convert prospects. The Corefact patent-pending marketing solutions help generate leads, build relationships and promote products and services using a one-to-one approach, matching multiple unique data points to create a personalized experience for the consumer. Combined with market-timed content and unique tracking codes, the company's systems are able to generate unprecedented response and conversion rates utilizing the best of direct mail and web technology.