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Lone Wolf adds repree as a partner to its Transaction Data Integration Program

May 03 2016


Lone Wolf is excited to announce repree™ as an addition to our ever growing Transaction Management Integrations.  Through this partnership, repree™ will use Lone Wolf's API set (Application Programming Interface) to facilitate the process of transaction and document management between platforms.

The transaction process can require a number of different technologies, depending on how your agents and their clients choose to complete a transaction.  With our dedicated efforts to connect the industry we are providing brokerages with the option to create a connected office by engaging the tools they have in place. Simplify transaction submission into one central system as opposed to having to manually consolidate from various media such as fax and email. Integrating systems to bring the real estate transaction into one space can save even more time.

Contact us to learn more about how you can integrate repree™ with brokerWOLF, your back office solution.

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