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Benefits of Advertising on for You and Your Clients

November 27 2018

hdc benefits of advertising on homes comInvesting in advertising and marketing tools is an important step towards building a sustainable business, and not just because of the immediate benefits that come along with marketing and advertising. When you understand how your investments help differentiate you and your marketing strategies from the hundreds or thousands of real estate agents and brokers in your metropolitan area, you can pass that information along to your clients and the tools themselves become part of your overall approach that builds trust in you and your real estate brand.

Here we've outlined some of the ways partnering with benefits you and your clients. If you want to know other ways working with is good for you and your clients, let us know in the comments below and we'll get right back to you!

Preferred Listings

The primary benefit of having Preferred Listings on is obvious – your listings are yours alone to benefit from. Any listing you mark as Preferred will only have your contact information on it and you will be the only one receiving the leads generated by your Preferred Listing.

Your clients benefit from this because you can market their listings more aggressively among the other listings that are competing for buyers' attention. Your seller clients' homes can display up to 100 photos to highlight more than just basic interior and exterior pictures of the home. More photos can lead to increased buyer interest, in-person showings, multiple competing contract offers, shorter sale time, and higher sales prices for your sellers.

Your seller clients' homes can also rank better in default sort order compared to similarly priced and days-on-the-market listings. That means your seller clients' homes will be higher up which means your sellers' listings can receive greater exposure than competing properties.

Also, when listings are designated as Preferred on, any active buyers inquiring about your seller clients' listings are directed immediately to you by call, text, or email. That way you, the real estate professional who knows the most about the property, are addressing buyers instead of agents or brokers who may have never been in the home. Of course, if inquiring buyers realize that your listing does not meet their exact needs, you certainly have the opportunity to work on behalf of the buyers once you make contact and establish a relationship.

Local Connect

Local Connect displays your contact information on homes listed for sale in the zip codes you're most interested in. Then, whenever active buyers inquire about a listing your Local Connect ad is on, you're automatically displayed on the lead inquiry form.

In addition to the exposure received on For Sale inventory in your desired areas, your photo and contact points are similarly posted on off-market properties on, further extending your brand and opening the door to engage with transaction-ready traffic on In many cases, consumers inquiring about off-market properties may be seller prospects investigating home values of properties in their current neighborhood.

Furthermore, Local Connect is a great addition to your listing presentations. Use it to show seller prospects that your marketing strategy for their homes includes advertising on, one of the most heavily trafficked real estate websites, to an audience of buyers in the zip codes where their properties are located. This benefits your future seller clients by increasing the number of potential buyers that you can highlight the seller's home to.

This benefits potential clients because you'll be able to connect with more buyers who may be interested in their property. This can result in a faster, smoother sale, and possibly even a higher sales price for their home.

City Sponsor Ads

City Sponsor positions your seller clients' listings at the top of one of the most visible locations on the search results pages. Here it is ahead of many of the properties competing for buyers' attention, giving your inventory a consistent marketing advantage. These native ads are in line with other properties that match the consumer's search preferences and display your most relevant properties to prospective buyers.

This placement is great for your sellers because their home will be one of the first shown to buyers who are looking for a home like theirs. The heightened exposure levels can drive more buyer engagement resulting in more in-person showings, contract offers, shorter time on market, and a higher sales price.

If you would like to learn how can work with your marketing plan to help you show up higher in search results, improve your social media engagement, or reach your advertising goals, contact us for a free one on one consultation!

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