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Looking for a Real Estate Email Newsletter Service?

March 30 2012

happygrasshopperlogoThis article was originally published on March 10, 2012 at
By: Kathleen Daniels

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I finally contacted Happy Grasshopper on March 2, 2012 and asked a lot of questions!  I am not an easy sell. I was in need of an email newsletter service.

My call was transferred to Celeste who was most helpful, patient and kind. She listened as I expressed my concerns … skepticism really.  Thank you, Celeste!

Thank you ActiveRain for all the education and resources that are provided for the ActiveRain community!  The Rain ROCKS!

Celeste explained that the service is $5 for the first month. She explained that by getting started this early in March there would be two mailings my first month.  She also suggested, given my skepticism, that rather than start out by sending to my entire database, that I pick 25 people that I have not seen in a while. That would give me the opportunity to see if it is right for me or not.

Skepticism and all, I did it.  I uploaded my select database which was super easy to do.  Celeste provided me with her direct dial phone and email.  Celeste confirmed everything looked good and I would soon receive my first email to approve.

The email came through; I read it; clicked on the links; watched the video; and proceed to tell myself…I can’t send that! I looked at the alternate choice message…I can’t send that either!

The reason I felt I could not send the messages was because it did not feel like it had any of “me” in it. OK – no problem.  All I need to do is add a little “me”.

I went back to the initial email and said: “This is going to be fun.”  I added a few sentences to “personalize” the message. The message went out on schedule on March 7, 2012. As I shared with Celeste yesterday:

“I am blown away at the responses I received.  It really does create an open and non-threatening (non-selling) opportunity to engage with my database!”

One person, a past client, who unsubscribed to my previous email newsletter, responded!  This started an email dialogue.  I’m having lunch with her on Tuesday!

If you are not engaging your database with creative and fun email marketing then you owe it to yourself to get off your happy bottom and give Happy Grasshopper a try.  It truly does engage people.  If you want a good bang for your buck, Happy Grasshopper won’t break the bank … it’s truly affordable!

Happy Grasshopper – Happy Agent!

Follow up:
My second email was just sent.  I have already received 4 responses.  The emails really do create engagement – which is the purpose.  I just took a new short sale listing in direct response to the first message that went out.  My clients forwarded the Happy Grasshopper email with the name and number of their friends who need to short sale.