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TRIBUS Announces Full-Service Concierge to Brokerage and Agent Clients

November 17 2014

Chicago, IL (November 17, 2014) -- TRIBUS is excited to announce its newest addition that will serve both agents and brokerage clients to the utmost level: Concierge. Assisting in alleviating stress and confusion, Concierge offers proactive support to keep brokerages and agents working at top speed from the launch of service with TRIBUS.

TRIBUS' team will work directly with brokerage staff members to create a customized launch for their company, including interviews with stakeholders, launch marketing plans directed toward agents, an on-site visit, and ongoing live chat, phone and email support directly to the agents.

"We love being able to fully customize our systems and marketing for our brokerage clients, and because of all the intricacies we wanted to offer our clients a service that makes them feel comfortable every step of the way," says Director of Strategy Eric Stegemann. "By launching Concierge, we are able to be a full-service solution to our clients so they don't have to get consumed by the technology and the support aspects of our products and services."

TRIBUS' knowledgeable support team will be available Monday through Saturday via phone, ticket and chat, and will work proactively to reach out to agents regularly to ensure that the products and services are working to the best ability. Not only that, but agents and brokerages will have full access to a library of resources, including marketing collateral and informative webinars.

"We're so excited to launch this program to our brokerage clients since we understand that introducing new technology can be an internal challenge," says Director of Marketing Rachel Rusnak. "It's great to know that we'll be assisting in making adoption of TRIBUS services just that much easier."

Concierge eliminates the need for brokerages to spend unnecessary money on in-house support and management teams to assist agents, allowing them to allocate those resources to more productive areas of the business.

"We strive to be able to answer agents' questions before they even have them," says Brian O'Connell, Client Care Manager. "With Concierge, we're taking a proactive approach to making sure agents are 100 percent comfortable and happy with their services."


Founded in 2009, TRIBUS provides a suite of integrated products and services created to make the lives of real estate brokerages and top-performing agents not only easier, but also more productive and efficient.

Through fully custom websites, CRM tools and a suite of marketing and concierge services, TRIBUS assists clients turn more leads into sales, enhance brand identity and build lasting relationships with past, current and prospective clients. Headquartered in Chicago, TRIBUS serves over 7,500 brokerage and agent clients throughout 33 states and Canada.

TRIBUS most recently announced its acquisition of Displet - an IDX and VOW company that offers 100 percent responsive design, endless API integration and WordPress capabilities. The announcement marks the company's dedication to providing a fully-integrated suite of high-quality services to its clients.