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Goomzee Achieves 100% Help Desk Satisfaction Ratings

November 26 2014

Missoula, MT — November 24, 2014 — In an industry that has historically resisted ratings, Montana-based software company, Goomzee, has opted to share its internal customer service satisfaction ratings from its help desk system. Goomzee is a leading provider of native Mobile MLS apps, and also provides a text message sign rider lead capture service for agents. Although their customer service scores typically achieves between 93-97% satisfaction ratings, consistently beating global averages, it recently achieved 100% satisfaction rating with over 81% survey response from every closed customer support ticket.

"This is a great accomplishment for our team, and ultimately for our MLS customers, given they offer our products to their customers and trust us to take care of them," explains Mike Sparr, Goomzee's CEO and founder. "For the past two years we've closely monitored these metrics and refined our team, systems, and processes to focus on what matters most to our customers, and I'm thrilled with the results."

Goomzee also announced earlier this year the inclusion of a help desk feature within their Mobile MLS Apps as further commitment to end-user satisfaction. Their help desk system is powered by Zendesk, one of the world's largest providers, and they deliver a satisfaction survey after every closed support request. They consistently average 81% response rates to this survey. In the last month they achieved 100% satisfaction ratings, and over the last quarter averaged just over 98%, which continues to climb.

"We monitor first response times, ticket backlog, customer satisfaction, and overall ticket volume," explains Sparr. "The better our QA team does during product releases, and our design team does to make products easier to use, the lower volume of support requests and we're historically achieve 50% less issues than global averages."

Customer satisfaction can greatly impact a company's bottom line and Goomzee's results blow away industry and global averages. According to Zendesk's built-in real-time benchmarking, global industry average satisfaction ratings for software companies average 86%, and in a 2012 Forbes report, companies with 10-99 employees averaged 84% customer satisfaction ratings. The 2012 Genesys Global Survey that measures global customer service every three years, revealed that $338.5 billion is lost annually due to poor customer service in 16 key economies.

About Goomzee

Goomzee celebrated its 11th year in business in 2014. The company began as an e-commerce application service provider, powering and hosting small business' e-commerce websites, but shifted to real estate technology just as the industry fell into turmoil to solve recognized gaps in mobile technology. The company has been serving the real estate industry since 2007, and multiple listing services since 2008. It's initial real estate product called Goomzee Connect allows agents to capture leads at the property via text message codes on sign riders and a lead capture system. After working closely with MLSs and providing it's service as a member benefit in nearly 30 MLS markets, representing over 296,000 agents, MLSs approached Goomzee to co-design a mobile solution that would best serve the needs of their members. Their current solution represents a culmination of their first-generation web solution, and two years of research and development to offer a platform that rivals the large portals. For more information, request a quote, or to schedule a personal demo, please contact Goomzee via http://www.goomzee.com