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REALTOR® Mobile Marketing
DriveBuy Technologies provide a mobile marketing tool called REALTOR® Mobile Marketing to real estate agents and brokers. This mobile marketing platform saves time, generates leads and wins more listings. If an agents does not like refilling flyer boxes, missing calls and wasting time on the phone with suspects instead of prospects, this mobile solution provides an alternative. REALTOR® Mobile Marketing features: • Unlimited Leads and Messages, • Mobile Marketing Short Code 88000- Easy to remember, • Easy Data Import- Import your listings and photos directly from websites powered by Top Producer, Point2, vFlyer, Postlets and mlsFinder, • 5 Star Rated Mobile Sites- each mobile site is available to over 1700 mobile devices, • Mobile Lead Capture Forms- Each Mobile Listing page includes contact forms so interested prospects can interact with you when and where they want, • Home Page with Agent’s Listings- Every account has a mobile friendly home page to display an About Us section as well as links to all of the agent’s listings, • Top Producer Integration- Log into Top Producer go to Web Lead Providers and look for DriveBuy Technologies in the drop down box. • MS Outlook Integration- Every mobile lead sent can be imported into Outlook contacts list, • Twitter Integration- Each listing in DriveBuy can be tweeted out to a twitter account, • SmartLinks™ in every message- Every text message sent to a prospect can include links, • Lead Database and Export- Includes a lightweight contact management system, • Reporting- Lead reports by date-range are available in real-time, • Support - Phone support is available during normal business hours to all customers.
Concourse™ by Realty Pilot
Realty Pilot's Concourse™ is a transaction and lead management system for real estate agents and brokers. This system was designed to automate listings, tasks, property preservation, transactions, marketing, leads, accounting and reporting. Features include: Client Management- Agents and brokers can manage all of their clients from one system - Buyers, Sellers, Asset Companies, Banks Vendor Management- Agents and brokers can manage all of their vendors and companies - from HOA to Title Company, Inspection to Warranty Property Management – Agent and brokers can manage all aspects of their listings and acquisitions Task Management- Complete task management with detailed workflow design that agents and brokers can customize for their business Transaction Management - Manage all aspects of a transactions - traditional, short sale, REO, and Auction Detailed reporting and accounting- Agents can brokers can track payroll and expenses, monitor performance, and control user access based on various criteria like on-time completion

Property Manager SMS Advertising

DriveBuy Technologies provide real estate property managers a mobile solution with their Property Manager SMS Advertising software. SMS stands for short message service (i.e. text messaging). The service allows for short text messages to be sent from one cell phone to another cell phone or from the Web to another cell phone. SMS messaging is a convenient way to minimize daily interruptions, so you can focus on tasks. The DriveBuy system delivers property information to prospects so you don't have to. You interact when it is convenient for you.

Property Manager SMS Advertising allows you to capture leads 24/7 with minimal supervision. With this tool you can answer price, size and availability questions automatically. Send out a text message and get email lead notifications with the contact information. Each property receives a mobile website and can be integrated into Microsoft Outlook.

Benefits include:

  • No more missed calls or lost voice mails,
  • No more information tubes or flyer boxes to refill,
  • Spend more of your valuable time with qualified renters,
  • Be more responsive and gain a competitive advantage,
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition,
  • Marketing and accessibility to more potential home buyers or renters.

Related Products


HomeSpotter – Augmented Reality Apps for Real Estate Brokers House hunting just got easy. HomeSpotter is an augmented reality technology that shows customers home listings simply by aiming their iPhone, iPad, or Android at homes or condo buildings.   What is Augmented Reality? Augmented reality is a view of the real world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated graphics. How does HomeSpotter work? HomeSpotter uses a technology called augmented reality coupled with a smartphone or tablet’s GPS and compass to overlay property information on a device’s live camera feed. As a home hunter points their smartphone or tablet down the street, they see a view of the street and info on all the houses for sale pops up. There’s even a radar display that show the direction and proximity of nearby properties for sale. When would I use HomeSpotter? HomeSpotter is a great tool for both agents and potential home buyers. Agents might use HomeSpotter to show their clients other properties for sale in the neighborhood. HomeSpotter is great for metro areas with condo buildings. In addition beach and lake front properties can be viewed while enjoying a day on the boat. These listings have no way to promote themselves with signs. HomeSpotter is the perfect answer for these listings and it is very fun to use.
Just Snooping Text Lead Generation

Just Snooping provides a client capture system through mobile texting and phone calls.  This service enables homebuyers to text, or call, a displayed number to receive information about a specific property they are interested in.  Potential homebuyers will receive detailed property information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When a potential homebuyer sends a text message or places a phone call to the REALTORÒ’s yard sign, homebuyers get immediate access to property information and photos. The homebuyer is then prompted to receive a full property brochure via email. Features include: Texting (SMS)- Buyers can easily view property details, photos, contact the agent, and/or email themselves a property brochure Toll-Free (IVR)- Callers may choose from a list of options to access property info and pictures via telephone audio, text message and/or email Web Listing (WAP)- Every text message contains a link to your mobile property web page. Display up to 10 color photos with detailed property info on the mobile phone of your next client Lead Capture- When someone inquires about your property, Just Snooping captures both phone numbers and email addresses and they will text and email the customer’s information to the agent instantly Lead Tracking- Each property code comes with a customizable extension to help monitor your market penetration on the go Online Brochures- Give your customers the ability to download, print or email brochures without paper waste Custom Voice Recordings- Leave a personalized voice message for callers to hear when they inquire about your property. Provide custom features and amenities to target a specific audience