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SentriLock's BlueTooth® REALTOR® Lockbox
The SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® lockbox helps make showing and selling properties safe and efficient. This video highlights system advantages and newest
GE Security’s ActiveKEY is a wireless lockbox key designed for real estate professionals. ActiveKEY keeps itself updated 24/7 through frequent cellular connections to the Supra network. Virtually no attention is required from the agent. When an ActiveKEY opens an agent’s iBoxes, they receive a real-time showing notification on their key. An agent will know right away when someone has entered one of their listings. ActiveKEY is easy to use. An agent simply scrolls through the ActiveKEY menu and follow instructions displayed in a small window. GE Security designed a number of user-friendly features including a built-in flashlight and a brightly lit keypad and display window. The ActiveKEY comes with a power cord, a mini-USB cable and a clip-on pouch with a pocket for your business cards. The ActiveKEY is a dedicated lockbox key manufactured by GE Security. It is not a cellular phone, nor a text-messaging device, and an agent cannot add software to the ActiveKEY. An optional car charger is available for busy real estate professionals. An agent can charge ActiveKEY while on the way to the next

Managed Hosting Service

SecureData 365 offers a managed operational services that allows real estate professionals, firms and MLS providers the opportunity have their Internet websites hosted, secured and managed by a third party. This hosting solution claims to free clients, and their company, from the burden of running their own 24x7 computer management and operations, and transitions these activities to SecureData360’s trained, experienced, and professional staff.

Online hosting means a third party provides the storage, connectivity, and services needed to manage and back up files for a website.

SecureData 360 provides a round-the-clock coverage from their network operations center. Their staff takes pressure off of their client’s existing IT organization to dedicate its time and attention to more valuable business activities, such as customer-focused initiatives, implementation of new systems, and other long-term strategic projects. All of SecureData 360’s services include necessary change control, ticketing, problem management, and reporting.

Agents, Brokers and MLS providers can choose from SecureData 365's wide-array of managed hosting services:

  • Operational services and problem management;
  • Storage, backup, and recovery;
  • Disaster recovery planning;
  • Software patches and firmware upgrades;
  • Performance, configuration, and capacity planning;
  • Monitoring and reporting;
  • Remote hands.

Related Products

Cevado Real Estate Websites

Cevado Technologies provide real estate websites for agents.  They offer four packages with differing levels of customization and number of features, depending on an agent’s needs. Each website includes an initial set-up fee, and then monthly hosting fees. The first package is called Flex.  This package gives agents the choice of several website designs. This package provides flexibility by giving the agent the ability to switch between any of those designed whenever they would like. They can also choose from standard header images or upload their own. Cevado Flex key features include: Easy to use website editor Unlimited web pages Phone and email support Free email account Free spam & virus protection and more The second package is called Professional.  This package provides more customization.  An agent can upgrade to this package to receive the Flex package features along with the following features: Professional Looking Design 1 Hour Design Time o   Integrate logo o   Integrate personal or business name o   Choose from standard header images or give Cevado their own   The third package is called Semi-Custom, which includes the same features as the Professional website package but provides the following features: Choose from a Professional design template to begin with Custom design colors Up to 3 hours of personalized design time Adjust logo & photo positions Supply custom header fonts Change callout buttons Team & double agent sites The fourth package is the Custom website package, which provides the highest level of customization Cevado offers.  With this package agents receive an original website design, and meeting/planning time with Cevado web designers. They will receive brand integration of logos, colors, fonts and styles. Custom websites also provide: Programming Options Adobe Flash Options Professional looking designs Easy to use website editor Unlimited web pages Phone and email support Free email account Free spam & virus protection
Real Safe Agent™

Real Safe Agent™ is safety app that brings together all members of a local real estate community--agents, brokerages, and MLSs--to ensure the safety of agents at showings. MLSs, boards and brokerages can designate "Watch Commanders" who monitor alerts from the app and identify nearby agents who can respond. Real Safe Agent™ allows agents to visually verify a prospect prior to first meeting them in person. During showings, the app converts the agent's phone into an active alert device, making it easy for agents to discreetly call for help by simply pressing the screen. When the appointment time is over, the app sends an "Are you okay?" message. If the agent doesn't respond, the system notifies the community, letting people know where and with whom the agent is meeting. Features include: Dual Alerts — Agents can discreetly request assistance from nearby agents when they first become uncomfortable (a drop-in alert); or an emergency alert if they need the police. Remote Monitoring —Responding agents, buddies and Watch Commander can listen in on the alert site so they know exactly what's happening. Background Checks — Agents can request a photo of driver's license and even run a background check. Prospect Reviews — Agents can see what other agents have said about a prospect. Active Notification — An agent's buddies, brokerage and the MLS are notified when an agent needs help, when another is responding, and when the responding agent reaches the alert location. Find a Buddy — Agents can easily find another agent to accompany them on an appointment. Reporting — MLSs, boards, and brokerages can run security and response reports. Privacy Protection — Watch Commanders can only see agents who are within an active alert area. An agent can choose to hide his/her identity.