WATCH: Data Driven Tips to Generate, Convert and Close Your Leads
Pop quiz! A buyer is interested in a home. Who is going to convert them? Is it: The listing agent The website the consumer found the home on The first agent they hear from The data points to "C." According NAR research, 68% of buyers only interview one real estate agent. So what does that mean for you? "We know that speed is critical, but this data here shows that you need to be fast and you need to be first," said Joe Sesso, author of the books Secrets of Top Selling Agents and The Foreclosure Revolution, as well as a Realtor, real estate investor, national speaker and trainer. Joe was our guest during a recent webinar—a special "Secrets of Top Selling Agents" event for RE Technology readers. He not only shared techniques, tips, and tricks to beat your competition to the first contact, but he also outlined some of the new lead generation models—like iBuyers and referral networks—that are pushing their way onto the real estate scene. Webinar attendees got in-depth insight into three resources and strategies for leveling the playing field and generating your own leads. Want to get these insights for yourself? Watch the recorded webinar below! Webinar Guests Joe Sesso, Executive Director of Sales at, Realtor, real estate author, speaker, trainer, and investor Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists. 1:25 - Joe Sesso talks about how "speed to lead" is critical to lead conversion. 3:25 - Joe offers an overview of the Referral Network lead gen model. 5:40 - Joe outlines the iBuyer lead gen model. 8:19 - Three ways to own your leads. 11:56 - Resource #1: Lead generation sources 22:38 - Resource #2: Lead conversion strategy 35:07 - Resource #3: Your website 53:35 - The keys to beating your competition every time. 54:15 - How to fill your pipeline with more leads from other peoples' listings. 55:50 - How to get a free SEO website audit from 56:35 - Question and answer segment. Next Steps Learn more about Local Connect Claim your free website SEO audit by contacting [email protected] Register for our next webinar, Do you fear anonymous reviews? Take back control of your online profile today.
Data Driven Marketing: How to Win More Listings with Today's Hottest Tech
Which consumers in your market are most likely to sell their home? If you knew the answer to this question, think how much money you could save on lead generation. Well, good news: you can know the answer to this question, thanks to a technology known as predictive analytics. Predictive analytics combines big data and machine learning to identify the homeowners most likely to sell in your area. With this knowledge in hand, agents can narrowly target their marketing efforts towards just those consumers--saving a ton of time and money in return. We recently co-hosted a webinar with a company that provides predictive analytics to the real estate industry. During the webinar, we learned how SmartZip pairs highly accurate predictions with customizable marketing materials to help real estate agents identify and approach sellers leads long before their competition does. If you missed the webinar, don't worry--we recorded it for you! Check out the webinar below to learn how data-driven marketing can help you win more listings:
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[Video] Out Closing the Competition with Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most exciting topics in real estate today. In fact, we may one day come to regard it as an advancement as important as the internet. Despite that, there's a lot of worry and misunderstanding about what AI is and what it can do. Don't worry--it's not an army of robots that will eventually replace agents. Instead, artificial intelligence is a technology that helps processes of all types become more cost-effective and more efficient. With its help, real estate agents can provide better service, better support, and forge better connections with their clients and prospects. In a webinar this week, we explored just what AI is, what it's not, and what it can do for your business. We saw a live demo of artificial intelligence at work in real estate, and learned the essentials of AI for attracting and nurturing leads. Did you miss the webinar? Check out the recording below for a replay:
[Video] Lead​ ​Follow​-up​ ​Secrets​ ​for​ ​Busy​ ​Agents
Realtor Ray Fernandez and his team of four agents are set to close $40 million in production this year. How'd they do it? By implementing smart, disciplined lead generation and follow-up strategies. Ray shared his secrets for success with us in a webinar yesterday, and you can learn them, too, by checking out the recorded video below. Whether you're a single agent or a member of a team, you can find out how to make your name synonymous with real estate in your area—and achieve a record breaking year!
[Video] How to Find Your Best Listing Prospects
Want to lower your marketing budget while getting better leads? It may sound far-fetched, but thousands of agents are already doing this, thanks to the power of "big data." The trick is in using data to narrow your marketing focus in order to target only those homeowners who are most likely to list their home in the near future. The result is that you're paying to advertise to fewer people, but that those people are more likely to convert into clients.
[Video] Grow Your Business by Growing Your Referrals
You already know how important referrals are to your real estate business—and recently, we showed you 65 places you can find more referrals. Last week, we took things a step further in a live webinar featuring top producing agent Ginger Childs of RE/MAX Achievers, Inc. in Collegeville, Penn. Ginger walked us through each category of referral sources and offered her favorite tricks for making connections and drumming up new business. If you missed the webinar, don't worry—we've embedded the replay video below! Even better? We took notes for you in case you don't have time to watch the full recording. Check out our summary on the next page to learn exactly what time to advance to in the video to get the information you want most. And don't miss the free, downloadable guides at the end of this article. The webinar's co-host, ReferralExchange, is offering RE Technology readers a free referral planner and a guide to all 65 of the aforementioned referral sources (tip: print it out and hang it near your desk).
Online Leads Don't Suck. Your Conversion Rates Do. (11/9)
Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 10:00 AM PDT Are you generating enough online leads to make a significant impact on revenue? Are your online leads ready to transact? Do they yield fruit for your agents? If not, let's talk. Let's talk about an easy solution that converts at a higher rate with no additional effort required from your agents or support staff. A solution that delivers the personalized experiences consumers now expect. In this exclusive RE Technology Webinar, we'll walk you through easy ways to identify key types of consumers and deliver personalized communication that gets twice the engagement rates of the industry average. We'll answer your questions on data-driven consumer engagement and demonstrate how other real estate professionals use data to increase online conversions and drive revenue as illustrated in our exclusive white paper. Onboard Informatics is a leader in data-driven engagement with 14 years of experience in real estate data. We have information on all 150 million properties in the country and their surrounding areas. We combine our data and experience to create impactful data-driven solutions. As more consumers gravitate online to find their next home, having these types of turnkey solutions will put you ahead of the competition as you advance with the latest data-driven technology. Join us November 9 as we demonstrate this technology, teach you easy ways you can incorporate these improvements, and answer your questions on improving online lead conversions. Register now!
[Video] How to Use CMAs to Generate Seller Leads
Looking for a way to enhance your offline prospecting efforts like postcard farming and door knocking? How about a way to find more listing leads online? Your CMA solution may be all that you need for attracting and converting potential sellers. We found out how to leverage CMAs for seller prospecting during a live webinar that we co-hosted last week with W+R Studios, the creator of Cloud CMA. W+R Studios trainer Ricardo Bueno and listing superstar April Kass walked us through the basics of using home valuation landing pages and crafting CMAs that win the listing presentation. Did you miss the webinar? Not to worry–we recorded it for you! You can watch the webinar in full below or click through to the next page to read our wrap-up.
[Video] How Top Real Estate Professionals Generate Quality Leads
Trapped in a lead generation wasteland? This doesn't necessarily mean that you have no leads at all; it means you're stuck with leads that are, well, a waste of your time--they're not ready to buy yet, or they're underqualified. We wanted to help Realtors find leads that are worth your valuable time, so we turned to a few experts for advice. In today's webinar, "How Top Real Estate Professionals Generate Quality Leads," we talked to a panel of three practicing real estate professionals from across the country and two technology experts. They shared their best practices, advice, and tips for generating leads that turn into actual sales. If you were unable to attend the event, no worries--we recorded it for you! Catch up on what you missed in the recorded video below.