Online Leads Don't Suck. Your Conversion Rates Do. (11/9)
Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 10:00 AM PDT Are you generating enough online leads to make a significant impact on revenue? Are your online leads ready to transact? Do they yield fruit for your agents? If not, let's talk. Let's talk about an easy solution that converts at a higher rate with no additional effort required from your agents or support staff. A solution that delivers the personalized experiences consumers now expect. In this exclusive RE Technology Webinar, we'll walk you through easy ways to identify key types of consumers and deliver personalized communication that gets twice the engagement rates of the industry average. We'll answer your questions on data-driven consumer engagement and demonstrate how other real estate professionals use data to increase online conversions and drive revenue as illustrated in our exclusive white paper. Onboard Informatics is a leader in data-driven engagement with 14 years of experience in real estate data. We have information on all 150 million properties in the country and their surrounding areas. We combine our data and experience to create impactful data-driven solutions. As more consumers gravitate online to find their next home, having these types of turnkey solutions will put you ahead of the competition as you advance with the latest data-driven technology. Join us November 9 as we demonstrate this technology, teach you easy ways you can incorporate these improvements, and answer your questions on improving online lead conversions. Register now!
Video: Convert Leads and Close Sales for Less
Converting leads into sales is both an art and a science. Finding leads and keeping them engaged through the buying takes both discipline and insight into consumer psychology. Today, we co-hosted a webinar with Onboard Informatics and Commissions, Inc. to uncover techniques that let consumers know us, trust us, stays with us right through closing. Our panelists shared 21 actionable tips for accomplishing this, which you can see in the webinar recording below. For brokers and agents short on time, you can check out our summary of all 21 tips on the next page.
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