[VIDEO] Growing the real estate client relationship: Connecting opportunity, community and reality capture
By now, most real estate agents and brokerages know what a 3D virtual tour is. They've likely either captured their own listings with a technology like Matterport or at least walked through a virtual tour online. But did you know that there are more opportunities for drumming up new real estate business with 3D tours than just scanning new listings? In a recent webinar, we explored how real estate agents and brokerages are strengthening their community ties (and passively earning business) by capturing local spaces like breweries, churches, schools, recreational facilities, and beyond. Watch the recording to learn how real estate professionals are broadening their reach with their innovative uses of Matterport 3D reality capture.
WATCH: Win Over Sellers and Close More Listings with This Tech Tool
From wowing sellers during listing presentations, to increasing sight-unseen offers, to increasing your speed to market, there's a marketing technology that can turbocharge essential aspects of your business. We're talking about 3D virtual tours--and during a recent webinar, we took an exhaustive look at all they have to offer. We were joined by representatives from Amy Kite Realty, who gave us first-hand insight into how their business is winning new clients and closing deals faster, thanks to Matterport. If you missed the webinar, no worries. We recorded it for you! Check out the video (and our notes) below:
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[Video] Unleashing the Marketing Power of RESO for Brokers
According to a recent survey, most brokerages have five or more tools/systems that don't communicate with each other. These are critical systems, too, like accounting, human resources, back office, CMA, etc. The problem? Many of these tools speak "different languages," due in part to a lack of standardized data fields. In fact, brokers say inconsistent data fields from the MLSs that they work with is their no. 1 data challenge. This is a challenge that increases technology costs and  the time it takes to get to market for products that use MLS data. So what's a broker to do? For an increasing number of real estate brokers, the solution is to rely on data standards. According to the aforementioned survey, a whopping 91 percent of brokers believe that data standards are critical. Brokers surveyed believe that consistent data flowing across the MLSs that they use means benefits like: Lower technology costs Focus moves to technology innovation Bug fixes are faster to implement Product enhancements are faster to market Quicker response time The benefits of data standards is a topic we tackled in depth last week during a live webinar with the Real Estate Standards Organization last week. RESO's CEO, Jeremy Crawford, and RESO board member Tom Flanagan, VP Technology for Alain Pinel Realtors in Bay, joined us for "Unleashing the Marketing Power of RESO for Brokers." Missed the webinar? Don't worry, you can catch the full replay in the recorded video below:
Online Leads Don't Suck. Your Conversion Rates Do. (11/9)
Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 10:00 AM PDT Are you generating enough online leads to make a significant impact on revenue? Are your online leads ready to transact? Do they yield fruit for your agents? If not, let's talk. Let's talk about an easy solution that converts at a higher rate with no additional effort required from your agents or support staff. A solution that delivers the personalized experiences consumers now expect. In this exclusive RE Technology Webinar, we'll walk you through easy ways to identify key types of consumers and deliver personalized communication that gets twice the engagement rates of the industry average. We'll answer your questions on data-driven consumer engagement and demonstrate how other real estate professionals use data to increase online conversions and drive revenue as illustrated in our exclusive white paper. Onboard Informatics is a leader in data-driven engagement with 14 years of experience in real estate data. We have information on all 150 million properties in the country and their surrounding areas. We combine our data and experience to create impactful data-driven solutions. As more consumers gravitate online to find their next home, having these types of turnkey solutions will put you ahead of the competition as you advance with the latest data-driven technology. Join us November 9 as we demonstrate this technology, teach you easy ways you can incorporate these improvements, and answer your questions on improving online lead conversions. Register now!
[VIDEO] Marketing Excellence through Automation
Our series on marketing automation culminated yesterday in a live webinar. We heard from leaders of large brokerages who are operating the same enterprise level marketing solution, but using it in completely different ways that are unique to the needs of their companies. They're at the forefront of a national trend of brokers who are turning to automation technology to generate marketing materials for their listings. According to Imprev's most recent Thought Leader Survey, 56% of brokers plan to implement marketing automation in 2016. Want to learn how marketing automation can fit your unique business needs? Watch the webinar below:
Video: Exceed Your 2015 Sales Goals by Leveraging the Power of Your Agents’ Sphere of Influence
Only one out of every 100 leads from online search portals results in a conversion, according to Anna Visioli, Coldwell Banker's VP of Digital Marketing. Visioli was one of three panelists in a webinar that RE Technology hosted today that explored where to find and how to convert high quality leads. Those leads aren't anonymous needles in the proverbial online haystack. Instead, they're closer than you think--existing contacts in your agents' sphere. Today, we explored how data science can help brokers determine what those leads need, how to use that knowledge to segment your contacts and how to tailor your marketing to speak to those needs in order to create more transactions. For those who couldn't attend the webinar, you can watch the recording below. For a quick overview, click through to our notes on the next page.