How to Set Up Facebook Instant Replies to Convert Real Estate Leads
Did you know that it is a really simple process to convert a Facebook follower into a real estate lead? Being able to generate business from a Facebook page is an equation that agents are always trying to crack. If you read further, we provide you with some information that not many agents know about. Automating Facebook Messenger to Feed You Leads
5 Simple Steps for Searching Properties in RPR Commercial
Adjusting to life during the coronavirus crisis is affecting us all. It has also introduced many new "-ings": "sheltering," "distancing" and "flattening." At RPR, we think it's an opportune time to include "search-ing." As in, searching for commercial properties in RPR. Using RPR search is your first step in discovering all that RPR Commercial has to offer. It's time to look at the glass half full and use this newfound work at home time to get in and discover this incredibly useful function.
20 Ways to Repurpose Video Content to Get Found and Hired
How to Use Your New Smartphone Camera Like a Pro
New smartphone cameras are taking astonishing pictures. Add built-in editing software that uses Artificial Intelligence and the result is even photo bugs are ditching their bulky equipment to shoot with their phones. Welcome to the future of photography. Smartphones are well on their way to replacing more than tablets and PCs; they also are well on their way to replacing SLR cameras. If you have the newest Pixel, Samsung or Apple iPhone 11, you can take photos that, until now, you could only take with professional equipment. Here are ways you can use your new phone's camera like a pro:
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Web Services
Web services from Onboard Informatics allow your developers to easily integrate their real estate data into your websites and applications through a single interface, without the hassle of bringing the data in-house. This allows users to build out, customize and display the specific real estate information you need on your website, agent portals, or mobile applications.
The Pathway to Mastery™—Essentials
Buffini & Company is the largest coaching and training company in North America. Founded by real estate legend and master motivator Brian Buffini, the company provides a unique and highly-effective lead generation system. The newest training program from the company, The Pathway to Mastery, offers a deep dive into this lead generation as well as negotiation strategies, buyer and seller tactics and more. It is the most comprehensive, in-depth program ever created for the real estate industry! Learn more about this program
One2One Coaching
Coaching–Just for You! “A coach can get more out of you than you can get out of yourself.” -Brian Buffini At Buffini & Company, we have a step-by-step system to help you grow your business Working by Referral so you can live the good life. Your Coach will provide you with: A business plan based on the goals/vision you set for your future. An added layer of accountability while also tracking your progress. Assistance identifying your strengths and weaknesses and then advise you about managing them. This combination along with the tactics, skills and ideas they share help to motivate you to reach a successful balance of business, financial and personal growth. Learn more about One2One
Market Snapshot®
Provide your clients with accurate, real-time MLS data that matters. Market Snapshot® syncs with nearly every MLS, with most updated every 15 minutes, so our trend reports are the truest representations of market activity in your clients’ areas of interest.Within moments, your clients are notified of new listings, price changes and sales as they happen – not when they’re updated on public records. Your clients will have the freshest MLS data right at their
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Industry News

CINC Dynamically Shifts Development, Product, and Service Focus to Address COVID-19 Crisis
MARIETTA, GA., April 6, 2020 -- CINC, the number one lead generation and conversion platform for elite agents and teams, today announced new releases in development, product, and service to address specific needs of clients affected by COVID-19, including enhancements to the full suite of CINC's offering. CINC has focused its efforts on creating tools needed to navigate the now virtual nature of home buying and selling and helping CINC clients better communicate with their consumers. "This is what CINC is all about – facing challenges with optimism," says Alvaro Erize, CEO, CINC. "We see this as an opportunity for our clients to lead the industry through this challenge." He continues, "People are starving for human connection like never before, and agents that have the means and the mindset to supply that connection will be doing a public service AND securing a lot of business through and after this situation. So, this package of features, content, and service we are releasing is meant to provide CINC clients more and better tools they need to establish deeper and more human connections, remotely." Updates Include: Immediately Request a Virtual Meeting: We've modified our "Request a Showing" feature so that a consumer can now immediately request or schedule a virtual meeting via video chat with an agent on both desktop and mobile via Etta, CINC's consumer search app. Schedule Virtual Open Houses: In the CINC properties dashboard, clients will now see a "Virtual Open House" button. Once activated, clients can schedule an open house and include either a pre-recorded video or live video stream. Message to all CINC Site Visitors: All updated CINC sites now include a message to consumers communicating safety and health updates. Updated COVID-19 Email Campaign Content: CINC's communication tools now have pre-built COVID-19 content. CINC clients can now be assured that automatic follow up scripts have been updated to timely, relevant messages addressing the new nature of home-searching and how these CINC product updates can fulfill the consumers' needs. Expanded Service Hours & Free Live Training: Service hours are extended to 8pm ET. In addition, CINC's live training team is now running virtual training sessions four days a week – free for all CINC clients to attend. "At CINC, the client always comes first," says Nate Jones , VP of Tech, CINC. "We are constantly innovating to meet their needs and the needs of the market — these updates are no different. It was important for our tech team to pivot quickly to complete these projects. A lot of late nights went into creating relevant content and updating current CINC features into something useful for the agent in today's virtual real estate environment, but that's what's most important to us, being a team our clients can rely on." CINC is committed to the health, safety, and success of its clients, partners, and employees. As public and global public health authority recommendations and specific housing market conditions and regulations evolve in this crisis, CINC will continue to adapt to the needs of its community.
LionDesk Chooses Constellation1 to Provide IDX Data Services
NAR Offers Members TeleHealth to Realtors at No Cost in Response to COVID-19 Crisis
CHICAGO (April 1, 2020) -- The National Association of Realtors announced Wednesday that it will be expanding access to Members TeleHealth at no cost to its members for those who register before April 15. The program comes as part of NAR's larger "Right Tools, Right Now" initiative -- relaunched on March 27 -- which is making numerous valuable resources available to the association's 1.4 million members at reduced or no cost. "While the nation continues to grapple with the COVID-19 crisis, we are doing everything we can to ensure our members and their families can stay safe, healthy and secure," said NAR CEO Bob Goldberg. "After launching 'Right Tools, Right Now' last week, we promised to closely monitor the effects of this pandemic and update the initiative as needed. I'm pleased to announce today the addition of Members TeleHealth, a long-term REALTOR Benefits® partner offering, to the RTRN toolkit." Members TeleHealth provides around-the-clock access to non-emergency healthcare from more than 2,300 board-certified U.S. physicians. Common issues addressed through telemedicine include allergies, asthma, rashes, joint aches, flu and nausea, among others. Beginning today, NAR is funding two months of services for members who currently lack access to telemedicine and enroll in this program by April 15. Recognizing that the opportunity will likely draw significant interest from its members, NAR has also negotiated a discounted rate for those who wish to retain coverage following the two-month, no-cost period. "As we continue to solicit input from our members regarding COVID-19's impact on their lives and businesses, NAR is grateful to be able to offer expanded access to potentially lifesaving telemedicine services," said NAR President Vince Malta, broker at Malta & Co., Inc., in San Francisco, CA. "Medical professionals are urging Americans who are sick to stay home, and telemedicine is playing a critical role protecting our communities and our health care workers. We continue to encourage members to limit their exposure and decrease the chance of spreading illnesses to others." Through RTRN, which was initially launched during the financial crisis in 2009, Realtors® can also access webinars with tips for managing finances in uncertain times; educational resources to build or hone professional skills; and a free copy of the widely-used Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, among other business-critical resources. The National Association of Realtors® is America's largest trade association, representing more than 1.4 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.
March Housing Trends Provide First Glimpse of COVID-19 Impact on U.S. Housing Market
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CRS Data (Courthouse Retrieval System)
With an in-house team dedicated to collecting, converting, updating and verifying the data available through our robust suites, you can make confident decisions that optimize performance, increase revenue and enhance customer experience. Put the power of intelligent data in your hands with CRS
Looking to connect with your audience in a meaningful & memorable way? Check out, the creative & digital marketing agency that helps real estate brands thrive. Strategy. Branding. Marketing. Production. Schedule a consultation
MORE >®® pioneered the world of digital real estate 20 years ago, and today through its website and mobile apps is a trusted source for the information, tools and professional expertise that help people move confidently through every step of their home journey. Using proprietary data science and machine learning technology,® pairs buyers and sellers with local agents in their market, helping take the guesswork out of buying and selling a home. Find property info from the most comprehensive source of home data online at
Welcome to pure productivity for real estate brokers, agents & teams: CRM, IDX websites, lead gen, email, text, social, automated campaigns & workflows, and custom consulting. Intuitive, easy-to-use technology, complemented by fanatical training, support and business consulting.
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WATCH: Are You Undisruptable?
As technology progresses, more real estate agents are worrying about being disrupted or being made irrelevant. We've got good news, however: this is not inevitable. In fact, agents who understand their role in the marketplace will never be forced out of the industry by technology. That role? Providing great customer service. Lots of agents get bogged down in the transaction, thinking that's their main role. Instead, what clients really need is someone who understands their home buying or selling experience. Agents who understand this are the ones who are undisruptable. So what does it take to become an "undisruptable" agent? That's what we explored in a webinar this week. Find out more in the recording below: Webinar Guests Shelley Zavitz, Broker, Hasson Company Realtors, Author of Your First 365 Days in Real Estate Laurie Weston Davis, Broker/Owner of BHGRE Lifestyle Property Partners, VP of Industry Relations at RateMyAgent Mark Armstrong, CEO and Co-founder of RateMyAgent Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists. 2:18 - Mark Armstrong talks about the importance of customer service in being undisruptable, and explains how RateMyAgent can help. 4:34 - Mark talks about agents' fear of online reviews, especially anonymous negative ones, and how positive reviews can be a powerful tool. 7:24 - Why text-based reviews are limited in their power, and how enhanced reviews with verified data and by verified clients are much more impactful. 8:51 - The ways in which enhanced, verified client testimonials can be used to promote your business. 11:50 - 90-second video clip on what it means to be "undisruptable." 13:30 - Mark talks about what it means to be undisruptable. 15:26 - Laurie Weston Davis and Shelley Zavitz share what it means to them to be undisruptable. 18:50 - What are the traits of an undisruptable agent? 26:34 - Is technology going to disrupt the role of the real estate agent? 31:58 - Should technology be a creator or an accelerator? 40:12 - What role does RateMyAgent play with an undisruptable agent? 45:00 - Question and answer segment. 1:01:45 - Giveaway of copies of Shelley Zavitz's book, Your First 365 Days in Real Estate Next Steps Learn more about RateMyAgent on their website Activate your RateMyAgent profile Buy a copy of Shelley Zavitz's book, Your First 365 Days in Real Estate, on Amazon
WATCH: Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever with the Best CRM
2019 is winding down and that means it's that time of year: New Year's resolution season. Whatever your specific goals are for your business in 2020, one thing is certain--you're going to need a plan to get there. In a recent webinar, we helped agents do just that. Special guest Shannon McGee of IXACT Contact shared an 11-item checklist for changing your business game in 2020. Shannon ran us through each item on the list and even gave us a brief demo of features in IXACT Contact's real estate CRM that can help you achieve that objective. So if you're looking to make the year ahead your strongest one yet, tune in to the webinar recording below to find out the actions you can take to achieve all your goals in 2020. Webinar Guests Shannon McGee, Sales Director, IXACT Contact Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the webinar topic and guest. 1:59 - Shannon McGee outlines the objectives of the webinar and what a CRM is, what it can do for your business, and how real estate CRM IXACT Contact can help. 7:13 - Shannon shares an 11-point "wish list" for changing your business game. 7:40 - #1: Get my contact list organized. 12:05 - #2: Never again miss the opportunity to follow up with a prospect or past client. 16:53 - #3: Automate my lead capture, nurture, and conversion. 18:22 - #4: Stay in control and have better management of my business pipeline. 21:03 - #5: Become an email and text marketing superstar. 29:15 - #6: Go mobile! 30:30 - #7: Develop your online presence. 35:08 - #8: Turn my social media marketing into a lead-gen machine. 37:58 - #9: Get more referrals and repeat business. 39:57 - #10: Stay organized and in control of your business. 40:08 - #11: Set business goals and achieve them. 45:37 - Shannon talks about IXACT Contact's Concierge service that gets you up and running with no heavy lifting on your part. 48:41 - Shannon reveals an exclusive offer for RE Technology readers. 49:12 - Question and answer segment. A Special Offer for RE Technology Readers For a limited time, RE Technology readers can get an extended free trial of IXACT Contact. Claim your FREE 60-day trial at Next Steps Learn more about IXACT Contact on their website Claim your 60-day FREE trial here:
WATCH: Do You Fear Anonymous Reviews? Take Back Control
The experience of buying or selling a home carries a lot of emotional weight for consumers. Sometimes these strong emotions come out in online reviews in both positive and negative ways. Whatever the tone or the of the reviews you receive, one thing is certain: online reviews of your service or going to happen whether you like it or not. So how can you stay in control of your online reputation? That's a discussion we had during a recent webinar with a panel of active Realtors and industry professionals. Watch the recorded webinar below to find out how you can take advantage of online reviews—and ensure that only real reviews from your real clients impact your professional reputation. Webinar Guests Ashley Young, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Laurie Davis, Broker/Owner of BHGRE Lifestyle Property Partners, VP of Industry Relations at RateMyAgent Mark Armstrong, CEO and Co-founder of RateMyAgent Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists. 2:15 - Marilyn shares a WAV Group real estate consumer survey on the importance of online ratings. 4:42 - Mark Armstrong takes over and talks about how emotional buying/selling a home is for consumers. He shows us a negative agent review and the agent's response to it. 8:05 - Next, Mark displays a review from a consumer that "loves" their agent. 8:50 - Mark demonstrates how RateMyAgent takes your agent reviews and links it to the real estate transaction so that you can use those reviews as a marketing tool. 11:27 - Ideas on how you can leverage reviews reviews from your clients—on social media, in email marketing or in digital ads. 12:06 - What is RateMyAgent? 13:55 - First in a series of questions for panelists Ashley Young and Laurie Davis. Do you fear reviews? How has your opinion of reviews changed in the last three years? 22:40 - What are you doing with your reviews after you've collected them? 32:08 - What are the elements that make up a marketable or portable review? 41:25 - What results have you gotten from promoting verified reviews? 50:04 - How do you prepare clients for receiving a request for a review to get a better response rate? 54:00 - Question and answer segment. Next Steps Learn more about RateMyAgent on their website Register for our next webinar, Growing the real estate client relationship: Connecting opportunity, community and reality capture
WATCH: Data Driven Tips to Generate, Convert and Close Your Leads
Pop quiz! A buyer is interested in a home. Who is going to convert them? Is it: The listing agent The website the consumer found the home on The first agent they hear from The data points to "C." According NAR research, 68% of buyers only interview one real estate agent. So what does that mean for you? "We know that speed is critical, but this data here shows that you need to be fast and you need to be first," said Joe Sesso, author of the books Secrets of Top Selling Agents and The Foreclosure Revolution, as well as a Realtor, real estate investor, national speaker and trainer. Joe was our guest during a recent webinar—a special "Secrets of Top Selling Agents" event for RE Technology readers. He not only shared techniques, tips, and tricks to beat your competition to the first contact, but he also outlined some of the new lead generation models—like iBuyers and referral networks—that are pushing their way onto the real estate scene. Webinar attendees got in-depth insight into three resources and strategies for leveling the playing field and generating your own leads. Want to get these insights for yourself? Watch the recorded webinar below! Webinar Guests Joe Sesso, Executive Director of Sales at, Realtor, real estate author, speaker, trainer, and investor Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists. 1:25 - Joe Sesso talks about how "speed to lead" is critical to lead conversion. 3:25 - Joe offers an overview of the Referral Network lead gen model. 5:40 - Joe outlines the iBuyer lead gen model. 8:19 - Three ways to own your leads. 11:56 - Resource #1: Lead generation sources 22:38 - Resource #2: Lead conversion strategy 35:07 - Resource #3: Your website 53:35 - The keys to beating your competition every time. 54:15 - How to fill your pipeline with more leads from other peoples' listings. 55:50 - How to get a free SEO website audit from 56:35 - Question and answer segment. Next Steps Learn more about Local Connect Claim your free website SEO audit by contacting [email protected] Register for our next webinar, Do you fear anonymous reviews? Take back control of your online profile today.
WATCH: Growing Your Brand with a Real Estate CRM
There are a lot of misconceptions about what a brand is. For starters, it's not your logo or your website design. So what is a personal real estate brand and your can you build yours? That's what we explored in a webinar last week. A brand is, first and foremost, all about how you can serve your clients and sphere of influence. "The more you have a regular, consistent flow of communication, education, insight, counsel that you provide to your sphere, the better your own personal brand becomes," says webinar moderator Marilyn Wilson. "[Your] CRM can become a guide to helping your create your own brand." That's right—your CRM can be an important tool in building your visibility and influence with your sphere. In this webinar, Rich Gaasenbeek of IXACT Contact shows us how your CRM and marketing automation system can help you build your brand through regular, consistent communication across multiple marketing channels. Watch the recorded webinar below to find out more (and how to claim an exclusive FREE offer from IXACT Contact)!
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