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Going Paperless: A Smart Choice

May 09 2011

go green new year

Environmental conscience doesn't have to take a back seat to business savvy. What many people may not recognize is that they can make smart choices that are good for business and the environment. A great way to get started is to go paperless.

Before I start my spiel, I want to take the opportunity to reach out to you, our brilliant readers. Going paperless is just the beginning of the many ways that REALTORS® can green their business. Are there any green ideas that have inspired you? Do you have any advice for your peers?

Why Go Paperless?

I like to think that most people genuinely want to be kind to others and kind to the environment; we want to do our part to "make the world a better place." It's one of the main reasons we're motivated to go green. However, there are more, shall we say, worldly considerations.

  • Reducing costs. Save money by spending less on paper, ink, and toner.
  • Improving efficiency. We've all spent countless minutes fighting a losing battle against a fax machine. And how much time is spent on filing and retrieving physical files? Eliminate this time waste by going paperless.
  • Reducing clutter. A paperless office can be tidier and more organized. You can free-up space by getting rid of cumbersome filing cabinets. Some people may even be able to free-up their filing room! Think about what you could do with all that space. (Bounce house? Grand piano?)
  • Attracting customers. People are impressed by professionals with a green approach. It could be a great way to differentiate you from your competitors.

Oh, and the best reason to go paperless: technical advances have made it relatively easy.


Leading companies like GoPaperless Solutions have developed a variety of products geared specifically for the needs of real estate professionals.

My advice: if you haven't already, invest in a tablet PC. With this essential tool, going paperless is exponentially easier. Now, let's talk specifics.

Real Estate Dashboard®

This software, created by GoPaperless for tablet PCs, can transform how you do business. It offers:

  • Paperless electronic document management. You can create transaction files and folders, save notes for these transactions, import forms, and import scanned documents.
  • Integrated fax and email. This allows you to send and receive faxes on your tablet PC, as well as sign and edit faxes electronically.
  • The ability to sign forms and contracts with pen-to-paper simulation.
  • The option of working offline or online.
  • The opportunity for online team collaboration.
  • A large file transfer system.
  • Automatic synchronization and offsite backup.

Take a few minutes to learn more about Real Estate Dashboard®learn more about Real Estate Dashboard®.

Other Options

GoPaperless offers other solutions such as eSign Dashboard and eSign Online. With different plans, you can craft a solution that meets your needs and fits into your budget.

Incoming Paper

Going paperless isn't just about what's coming out of your business; it's also about controlling the paper that's coming into your business. Think about everything you receive in the mail; how much of it is unnecessary? Ask for online statements from your bank and vendors. Pay your bills online. Remove yourself from mailing lists. Cancel subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, and catalogues that can be viewed online.

Go Celadon

It's okay if you can't commit to going paperless right away. For now, you can simply focus on going at least "celadon" green and simply reducing your use of paper. Continue looking for ways to eliminate paper use – and save some trees in the process.

Learn more about GoPaperless Solutions.

Learn more about Green Technologies for agents.