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Are You Meeting Your Goals for 2011?

June 01 2011

leading the way in 2011June is officially here, marking the middle of the year. It's time to start asking yourself if you've accomplished, or set the wheels in motion to accomplish, the goals set early in the year. For many Realtors®, that goal was to ditch traditional real estate practices and adopt the right technology solution to make their business interactive.

The end of 2010 promised the future of real estate as more people were adopting smartphones and tablets – meaning Realtors® would quickly need to adopt a solution to meet prospective home buyer and seller demand.

Nearly Half of American Adults Use Mobile Technology

A recent study posted by Pew Internet and American Life Project indicates that 47 percent of American adults get information on their phones or tablets. This trend shows our love affair with technology is quickly becoming a very serious relationship.

With nearly half of American adults using smart technology, Realtors® matching their clients preferences have an upper hand in acquiring new business in the longrun. Technology is designed to simplify our lives and the Realtor® who succeeds in doing so for customers is primed for favorable referrals.

The Right Technology Solution Makes the Difference

The vast adoption of mobile technology has boosted the sales and downloads of various apps and services that promote interactivity in virtually every facet of life. Today's technological advances make interactivity the standard in business – and real estate is no different.

DotLoop provides that interactivity for real estate as it incorporates all of the necessary technology solutions under one platform. Allowing Realtors® and their clients to share documents, make adjustments and use electronic signatures; eliminating the need for PDFs, printing, faxing and transporting physical documentation.

Technology is here to stay as people continue to adopt the newest products and services. With the first half of 2011 nearly gone, it's time for Realtors® to wise up and incorporate technology into their business – meeting the demand of the home buying and selling public.

Have you met your goal to start leveraging technology in 2011?

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