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Discover 42 Cutting Edge Tech Products for Real Estate in 2017

June 21 2017

2017 TechGuide2017 hero

We've been launching more things than Elon Musk in the past month. First it was the fresh, new redesign of, and today it's the release of our seventh annual Technology Guide!

That's right, the RE Technology 2017-18 Technology GuideRE Technology 2017-18 Technology Guide is finally here! DownloadDownload this free guide now to learn more about 42 of the latest and greatest real estate tech tools available today. You'll find information on everything from lead generation apps to CMAs to 3D virtual tours--plus smart questions to ask when evaluating a solution.

How to Use the Guide

You can browse this year's Technology Guide in two different ways:

  1. Download a PDF versionDownload a PDF version to your computer or mobile device
  2. Flip through an online versiononline version from your computer's web browser

We recommend the first option to all users, but especially those on mobile. The browser-based version of the Guide is best suited to those on a laptop or desktop computer.

Here are couple tips for navigating the web-based versionweb-based version:

  • Use the Table of Contents: The Table of ContentsTable of Contents is the fastest way to navigate the Guide. Just click on the page you're looking for and you'll be sent there immediately.
  • Browse the pages: If you'd prefer to flip through the Guide, double click any page to turn it, or use the arrows to move forward or back. Love the feel of turning pages in a magazine? Just click and drag the top or bottom page corners to go the next page.
  • Jump to a specific page: Know exactly where you want to go? Just type the page number in the input field to view it instantly.
  • Zoom in: Is the text too small for your eyes? Click the 'Zoom' button just above the Guide to adjust the font to a more comfortable size.

Create a Custom Download

The browser-based version of the Technology Guide has a neat extra feature: the ability to create a custom version of the Guidecreate a custom version of the Guide with only the pages you're interested in!

We know that you're probably not interested in all 42 products in the guide, and we want to empower your technology search as much as possible. Create a PDF with only the pages you want that you can download and refer back to whenever you need.

To do this, simply check the box above the pages you want to include in your custom download. When you've selected all the pages you need, click 'Export Selected Pages' and your personalized version of the guide will be downloaded instantly to your computer.

Advice on Choosing Tech Products

At RE Technology, we encourage you to research your options before making any tech purchase. Think about what features matter to you most in a product, and look into which solutions offer these features. Consult the 'Questions to Ask' pages that introduce each category in the Tech Guide. These questions can help you determine which solutions are right for your business.

And if you're mindful of your bottom line (who isn't?), check with your brokerage, MLS, or association to see what products they offer as member benefit. You may be eligible for a discount. We recommend creating a custom download of any products or services your organization offers and using it to guide your purchase decisions.

Ready to get started? View the 2017 Technology Guide today!View the 2017 Technology Guide today!