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Use "SoLoMo" Marketing to Speed Up Your Exposure

July 19 2013

homes com Social Local MobileHow often do you use your mobile device to search for local information or to check out what's happening on a social media site? If you are like most Americans, it's probably all the time. In fact, one half of local searches are performed on the mobile web, while 91 percent91 percent of mobile access is for social activities. But did you know that this could affect your business? This is why the SoLoMo concept is making a buzz in the marketing worl. It is also why is conducting a surveysurvey to see how real estate professionals are using the Social-Local-Mobile strategy to advertise their business.

Although there are many different means of promoting a business, is here to explain that real estate professionals should take advantage of SoLoMo and why it's not just another short lived marketing trend.

What is SoLoMo?

An acronym for Social-Local-MobileSocial-Local-Mobile, it combines social media, geo-targeting and mobile communication so that marketers can identify and connect with consumers even easier.

This concept resulted from the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets that are being integrated with advance geo-location technology. Already being used by applications like FourSquare, geo-location provides search engines with a user's real-time location and incorporates the information being shared on social channels to supply the best search results.

Social (So)

Whether it is to read online reviews or to market a business, social networking has turned into a primary resource for businesses and consumers. Since 71 percent of consumers71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals, it's no wonder why search engines incorporate the information being shared into their search results. To increase the opportunity of being mentioned during web searches, real estate professionals should always try and establish a strong social media presence and stay connected with clients and prospects.

Local (Lo)

If you have ever found yourself walking down the street and searching for the best restaurant nearby via a mobile device, you already know the importance of being locally recognized. 94 percent94 percent of smartphone owners look for local information on their phone, with the top search results being the highest rated businesses in that area. If a potential customer searches for "local real estate experts," the first listings provided by a search engine will be for those with the best client reviews and ratings. This is why real estate professionals should build their reputation and establish themselves as a local expert.

Mobile (Mo)

Life on-the-go has become a way of life for most Americans, which is why mobile accessibility is the driving factor behind the SoLoMo concept. Having the ability to research almost anything when and where you want, presents a lot of opportunity for smartphone owners as well as the businesses they are researching. Consumers rely on the information they find on their phone, which is why 73 percent of mobile searches trigger follow up actions.

Why Real Estate Professionals can Benefit from SoLoMo

The combination of Social-Local-Mobile, is essential for a real estate professional to gain leads online. 94% of all home buyers start their search online, which is why taking advantage of the SoLoMo concept can be invaluable. By establishing a strong social presence and gaining exposure in your local community, search engines will be able to quickly identify your business and list you as a top search result. So next time a potential client performs a search for a real estate expert in your local area, you should be expecting a call!

The emerging SoLoMo trend can be a tremendous opportunity for real estate professionals to gain exposure by positioning themselves as the local expert. wants to know what strategies you are using to take advantage of Social-Local-Mobile, so complete the surveycomplete the survey and you will be entered for a chance to become $500 richer!

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