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#ICSF Day 2: Tech Adoption, Branding, UX and...Surfing

July 17 2014

icsf day2 remaxIt may just be my inner Californian talking, but a presentation that employs surfing metaphors is okay in my book. Judging by all the tweets surrounding broker Matt Beall's talk during Inman Connect San Francisco's second day, that assessment is correct.

Day two featured a robust schedule of speakers and sessions, ranging from Bran Inman's interview with RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly to a panel of buyers sharing their experiences as consumers. There were plenty more hella gnar presentations at Inman Connect today. To glean the best nuggets of wisdom, we took to Twitter to follow the official conference hashtag, #ICSF.

(Missed our coverage of Day One? Read it here!)


Zach SchabotZach Schabot - Love this philosophy from @mattbeall "Don't leave waves to find waves" #ICSF

Rosemary BuergerRosemary Buerger - What do you do in a lull? You paddle and position yourself to ride the next set of waves! @mattbeall Love this! #ICSF

Jay ThompsonJay Thompson - I wanna learn to surf. #icsf

Chris SmithChris Smith - “@LisaArcher: I want a salesperson to sell my house. Credible, engaging AND a closer. @bradinman #watercooler #icsf”

Jay ThompsonJay Thompson - Ratings are important. Double down on customer experience and you don't have to worry about bad reviews. @jaredsimon #icsf

Angela RaabAngela Raab - Status quo can't disrupt itself. It takes outside innovators for the disruption to happen. #icsf

AllThingsBHGREAllThingsBHGRE - "Respond to 'Thank you' with 'I know you would do the same for me.'" [email protected] on enchantment #BHGRE #ICSF

Linda AaronLinda Aaron - Likeability, Trustworthiness, Competence: the pillars of Enchantment. @guykawasaki thank you so much for your presentation, inspiring. #icsf

BombBomb Video EmailBombBomb Video Email - "It's all about the #relationship and being a knowledge broker." - @REMAX CEO Margaret Kelly at #ICSF

Craig MartinCraig Martin - If you can't leave your ego at the door, go on. #icsf

Craig MartinCraig Martin - Creating a team is about creating the life balance you want. #icsf #tngrealestate #sharelife

NexTitleNexTitle - "Branding is about a feeling or an emotion, not people just recognizing your name." Amen to that! @1000wattMarc #ICSF

Angela RaabAngela Raab - Buyers want micro-local experts. #icsf

nobuhatanobuhata - "People want to be educated but don't want to FEEL like they're being educated." @micheleserro #truth Discovery is key in real estate. #icsf

TodaySothebysRealtyTodaySothebysRealty - Comes down to basics. "As long as my agent picked up their phone, their brand or office location didn't matter to me." -Buyer #icsf

Angela RaabAngela Raab - Brokers don't always have to supply the technology. It's almost as important to agents for brokers to simply vet the technology. #icsf

Angela RaabAngela Raab - When using digital signatures, it is still the agent's job to explain the docs being signed personally. #icsf

IDX BrokerIDX Broker -’s not what “wows” the consumer, it’s the experience using the tech that brings the “wow”! #ICSF