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Trends in Technology… Where Will We Be in 2020?

February 23 2011




iphone3It took us 20,000 years to invent the automobile, and it’s only been 30 years since home computers started showing up in our office cubicles.  And last year saw an explosion of tablets, smart phones and 3D TV’s, along with new ideas in software and advances in cyber security.

Just think what can happen in the next 10 years.  It boggles the mind.  It’s likely that the things mentioned here will be fully realized and as common as the stapler on your desk in less than two years. What will be everyday in 2020 is anybody’s guess.  But here is what’s current now and is likely to improve in the near future.

1.     Mobile technology: Today’s smart phones can only get smarter, smaller, and faster.  The apps in development now will make business without walls a reality.  Given the possibilities with Google apps and other improvements, it is already possible to take a photo of a home, pull up MLS history and find out all kinds of things about a property without leaving your car.

2.     “Cloud” software: This is the latest buzzword in software.  Everyone is talking about how open source applications that cross platforms and work seamlessly between your phone, your TV and your laptop/tablet will advance business communications.  Gone will be proprietary software that limits communication.  It will be replaced by web based open solutions that allow for a world of business without borders and without walls.

3.     “Green” IT: And that leads us to the promise made originally when personal computers became the rage in offices; the end of all that paper pushing and filing.  E-Documents and the eventual tele-presence can make the old fashioned handshake deal a thing of the past.  You can make your deals not only across the city, but across the world.

Some of the other ideas about the next 20 years floating around involve new words, like cosme-ceuticals (Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals; the ability to improve your skin health from the inside with pills).  Another interesting idea is nootropics (drugs that enhance mental ability like memory and intuitiveness; great business applications for this).  The advancement of the smart automobile should also continue to move towards; being able to do just about anything from your car that you can do from an office, except maybe take a bathroom break.  But who knows, with the advancements in bio-technology perhaps those issues can be resolved as well.

Many of these ideas are already in use, but the next 10 years should see a fully implemented virtual office and seamless communications and deal making.