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Onboard Informatics Launches Neighborhood Navigator 2.0 WordPress Plug-In

November 28 2017

The plug-in offers WordPress users quicker and easier access to the robust information and lead generation tools in Neighborhood Navigator 2.0

NEW YORK (NOVEMBER 28, 2017) - Onboard Informatics, the leading provider of real estate information, launched a suite of WordPress plugins to support its flagship product, Neighborhood Navigator (Nav 2.0) today. The plugin lets WordPress users link directly to Onboard's premium local content and lead generation tools with minimal development time and effort.

Nav 2.0 has three plug-ins designed to achieve specific business objectives. The first, Nav, pulls in data from Onboard's multiple APIs to display the most popular information in real estate: public and private school information, community demographics, market trends and local amenities. Each section is displayed in an elegant report and gives users the ability to navigate any area in the country.

Nurture is the second plugin. It is a lead generation extension that emails a comprehensive property report when a visitor submits an email address. Leads generated from Nurture are automatically emailed neighborhood updates twice a month with the latest local information from their area. Users of the Nurture plugin will get every lead generated and will have their contact information featured on all outgoing emails.

The third plugin, Lead, simply allows online visitors to submit their contact information and specify their preferred method of communication. Combined, these three plugins create the full Nav 2.0 product. WordPress users have the flexibility use these plugins together or separately based on their preferences and business objectives.

Onboard Informatics Senior Product Manager Dean Soukeras says that while this Plugin Suite is a great start, he hopes to have many more plugins available in 2018. "It's all about making the data we have easier to access and use to improve your business," said Soukeras. "If you have a WordPress website, which many in real estate and finance do, plugins are a fantastic way to do that."

Developers could already work with Onboard Informatics APIs through the Developer Platform, but introducing a suite of WordPress plugins makes it easier for any creator to speed up the process of getting local information and lead capture tools on a website.

"Onboard has been supplying critical information to the real estate community for over 15 years," said Onboard Informatics Co-Founder and CEO Marc Siden. "We know the data is important for people buying and selling a home. We are now focused on how we can improve delivery, so clients can use our data quicker, better, and more effectively. WordPress plugins are a natural extension of our main priority, which is making the best information in real estate easily and readily available."

Each plug-in in the Nav 2.0 Suite is mobile-compatible, offering online visitors the same experience regardless of where they view it.

If you are interested in seeing how to use the Nav 2.0 Suite, register for our upcoming demonstration on Wednesday, November 29. Even if you can't attend, register and Onboard Informatics will email you a copy of the recording.