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Reesio Launches New Compliance/Workflow Features; Re-Designed Transaction Dashboard

January 29 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 27, 2015 -- Reesio, the combined CRM and Transaction Management platform for real estate professionals, has launched several new Compliance/Workflow features today, along with a revamped Transaction Dashboard design. The new features include the following:

  • Relative due date rules for tasks at the template level, which then auto-populate the due dates for specific tasks at the transaction level based on the due date rules.
  • Tasks to brokerage members can now be assigned at the template level. When users apply a new template to a transaction, the assignees will also automatically be added to the transaction and assigned those tasks.
  • The addition of private compliance templates that any user within a brokerage can set up.
  • Re-designed workflow section that gives users a better view of task information.
  • Better manage tasks with mass/bulk actions; Delete, Assign, Approve, Flag, Complete, Set Compliance, Set visibility.
  • The task approval process is now more streamlined by auto-completing the task when approved.
  • The ability to remove/override any task due dates or due date rules applied.
  • Sort tasks by task order, title, assignee, due date, compliance state, approval state, flag state, visibility state.
  • All of the transaction dashboard pages have been redesigned with a new, modern look to match the rest of the Reesio product.

Reesio Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Thomas, said that the above features in this launch correlate to the most requested features by its customers. "At Reesio, we provide around-the-clock customer support, and we receive lots of feedback requests from our customers regarding new features that they want to see. We take customer feedback very seriously here, and all of these features that we've launched today are ones that have received the most requests from our customers over the past few months. In addition, the newly re-designed transaction dashboard utilizes more screen space and offers a cleaner look and feel."

Anecdotally, Thomas said that the number one thing that customers continuously praise Reesio for is its modern look and feel and design. "Real estate technology has been stuck in the dark ages," said Thomas. "And not just from a features standpoint, but also from a design standpoint. So many real estate technologies have user interfaces and visual designs that were created 10 years ago, and customers simply are not ok with that any longer. They want a product that looks and feels like they're using Facebook or Evernote -- not some boring real estate software. We take just as much time and care with the design and user experience of our product as we do with the new features that we roll out."

The company also continues to take a unique approach with how it publicizes all of its new feature releases that they make. They've built a Product Updates page directly on their site, which gives a play-by-play of every single new feature that they release every week. Thomas says that customers love this transparency because they know that their voice is being heard and they can see all of the great changes that they're making every week. "No one else in the real estate industry is doing this because most of them are afraid to show what's under the hood. At Reesio, we believe that transparency is best."

Thomas said that with this new features launch, all of which is focused on its Transaction Management product, that the company is going to now begin focusing almost 100% of its efforts on adding new CRM features. "The next area of focus for us is adding new CRM features. We were able to build a great v1 of our CRM product that we launched back in August 2014. Since that time, our customers have asked for additional features that will make Reesio's CRM a truly complete product, and allow us to fully realize our goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for the technology needs of real estate professionals." These new features will be released in several waves over the next 12 months, with the most-requested features being worked on and released first.