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Tech Support from My Computer Works
My Computer Works provides help desk and personal computer support services for real estate professionals and home consumers nationwide. Their friendly, U.S.-based support technicians connect directly and securely to your Microsoft Windows PC using a high-speed internet connection to answer your questions and solve your computer problems immediately. The company offers a number of service plans, including one-time support and unlimited support memberships that give you access to a technician whenever you need it. As a real estate agent, you need your computer up and running – when your computer is down, your business is down. My Computer Works help with: Outlook setup or issues with Outlook Wireless connectivity issues Mailing lists/Mail merge Printer install/support MLS assistance (resizing photos, zipping photos, etc) zipForms Help managing, importing, and manipulating pictures Slow computer/virus Adobe PDF problems and
The Enterprise Network
The Enterprise Network offers members cutting-edge real estate technology and is a one-stop-shop for everything members needs to grow their business. With a focus on web design and development, members benefit from a constantly evolving technology platform, a dedicated in-house mobile department, SEO consulting, training and much more, to bridge all areas of business. Their wide range of real estate solutions are among the best in the industry and include: Brokerage website design Agent websites and productivity tools Online technologies and tools A dedicated in-house mobile department Search Engine Optimization Usability testing eBusiness management system CRM system ROI management Backend administrative capabilities Online marketing tools Reporting modules Training and education Consultation and support Cross platform development Videography And much

Quality Service Certification (QSC)


Quality Service Certified (QSC) provides MLS executives and brokers with a training program and an agent rating process to help agents obtain the Quality Service Certification designation. This certification process provides agents and brokers with agent rating feedback to hone their customer service skills, and the ability to be searched on the QSC consumer website, where home buyers and sellers can search for a local QSC agent or broker.

There are four steps to becoming certified:

  • Go through the training program online or in person
  • Pass an examination
  • Sign a letter of commitment
  • Consistently provide clients with an agent rating survey after closing a deal

The Quality Service Certification® training program can be completed by attending a live presentation or by taking the course online. This training session is sponsored by the brokerage and can be opened to external trainees.

After the training program, applicants are given a 40-question, mutiple choice examination. The test is 60 minutes long, and a score of 70% (28 out of 40) is required to pass.

Once an agent or broker has passed this exam, he or she will be asked to sign two documents: a Licensing Agreement which grants you limited use of copyright and trademark materials to use for promotional and advertising purposes, and a statement from your broker declaring that he/she knows of no reason why you would not be eligible to be Quality Service Certified®.

The final step in this process is incredibly important for accountability and continued promotion. After closing a transaction, Leading Research Corporation will send the client a survey, asking critical questions about the details and overall satisfaction of the service provided by the sales agent and broker. Once a number of these surveys have been collected, the reuslts are pooled into an aggregated statistical analysis of that agent's overall rating.

These ratings provide two main services to the agent or broker:

  • To help the agent or broker to strengthen his or her service and develop closer client relationships
  • By continuing in the rating process, an agent or broker will be included in the QSC consumer website, where home buyers and sellers can search for a local QSC agent or broker

Quality Service Certified sales professionals report that they:

  • Attract more clients
  • Increase the value of service provided to their clients
  • Earn more referrals
  • Provide better service to customers
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Offer an alternative to commission discounting
  • Differentiate themselves from the crowd

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Club Wealth

Club Wealth is a coaching program that will "Double Your Income, Money Back Guarantee". They teach out to to use systems and technology to be very effective. They perform both 1-on-1 coaching and group coaching sessions. 

Look beyond "agent ratings" to overal online reputation management. Reach150 helps you through several essential steps. The first step is to get found on search and social media. The next step is to gain trust through referrals and testimonials. Reach150 will also help you close business with the aid of a powerful online reputation and positive references from existing customers. Finally, they will mobilize promoters by helping you increase satisfaction and measure the impact of their efforts on your behalf.