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Manage all aspects of your online presence from Facebook posts to online reviews!

Social Broadcaster- Manage Social Accounts with One Login!

Features include:

  • Post directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Homes Connect Website!
  • Post Listings with Links back to website
  • Mobile App Available (iOs & Android)
  • Auto Post Options for: New Listings, Open Houses, Price Reductions


Social Wall- Automatically Post Updates

Turn your website homepage into a much more interactive and “living” page, made up of a stream of information from your social network, including information about your listings and listing changes.

Features include:

  • Automatically updates your website, by simply capturing your posts on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
  • Diplays new listings
  • Updates for price reductions
  • Post Open Houses as soon as they are created, with updates 24 hours before they are set to occur

Reputation Manager - Easily expand your brand's visibility

Here’s How Reputation Manager Will Help You:

  • Visibility: From one page, you can add or edit your existing profile information on social networks, the most important search reputation managerengines including Google and Bing, and over 20 business directories like City Search and review sites like Yelp!
  • Real-Time Alerts: Get real-time alerts when your brand is mentioned so that you can promote or address comments accordingly.
  • Reviews:. Automatically review the ratings that have been posted online about your business.
  • Competition: This powerful tool shows your online share of voice compared to your competition. Enter a competitor’s name and view how you can compare and which key terms consumers are using to find you online.
  • Mentions: This section compiles all instances of your business appearing online in one convenient place, eliminating the need to visit dozens of separate sites.
  • Social: Easily monitor your brand’s social networking presence by viewing all of your social activity, Facebook “Likes”, Twitter followers, and more.
  • Reporting: In addition to receiving executive reports, you can opt to receive daily alerts, any time there is social activity, your business is reviewed and mentioned.


Concierge Service - Your Own Social Media Assistant

Concierge Service provides your own social media assistant to manage your social media efforts including:

  • Setup accounts and create posts
  • Develop local content for articles
  • Produce local videos.
  • Add and share pins on Pinterest

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